How to Choose an Intake Call Center for Your Law Firm

When your law firm is growing and the phone calls are getting out of hand, one of the secrets of successful firms is using an intake call center. There are numerous centers offering these services to businesses of all types, but not all are created equal. What should a law firm be looking for in an intake call center?

Look for an Intake Call Center That Specifically Handles Legal Calls

Do a quick search for "intake call centers" and you'll see thousands of results, all offering the same general service. What does a call center do besides Call Center That Handles Legal Callsanswer phones and gather information, right? Wrong. A good intake call center will specialize in the type of calls your business is receiving.

Your firm needs a call center that specifically handles legal calls. There's a big difference between handling a caller who's trying to order a product and a caller looking for help with a personal injury claim. The retail caller needs someone who can walk them through the process of selecting the product and taking their credit card and shipping information. The personal injury claim caller needs a phone operator who can gather their information while remaining empathetic and compassionate during what can be a very emotional phone call.

Empathy Is an Important Trait to Look for in Intake Call Center Staff

As we've mentioned in a previous blog, empathy is a powerful and necessary trait of phone operators who handle calls for law firms. Some of the most common reasons people are looking for an attorney—injury, death of a family member, divorce—are emotional ones. These calls can often be difficult not only for the caller, but for the operator taking down the information and providing assistance. Therefore, empathy is a powerful tool for a call center staff member to employ when handling your law firm's calls.

Alert Communications Has Staff Trained to Handle Calls for Law Firms

You don't want to leave the important first impression in the hands of a general intake call center. If you're still not sure that you really need an intake call center that specializes in legal calls, download the FREE service comparison checklist from Alert Communications.

Alert Communications has call center operators trained specifically for handling calls for law firms. Let their staff provide the professional, empathetic skills necessary to put your new clients at ease as they begin their relationship with your law firm. To get started, fill out a contact form or give them a call at 800-801-7628.

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