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Call Center Employee Working to Make a Difference in Your Law FirmThe job of receptionist is going extinct, and it is all because of technology and smart business decisions. Companies are realizing that with today's tech and enhanced business services, there is no longer a need to have a staff member dedicated to just answering phones.

Businesses across the country are replacing their receptionists with virtual ones at intake call centers. If you want to free up staff from answering phones and eliminate your in-office receptionist position, consider these four benefits to replacing your receptionist with an intake call center.

1. Call Centers Never Have Emergencies or Take Time Off for Vacation

If your receptionist were to call in sick tomorrow, who would cover the phones in your office? You may have a chain of command delegated, but that means that whoever takes on that burden will also be losing valuable time for completing their own daily tasks. When a call center handles your phones, there is never a risk of the entire center being out sick or everyone taking vacation at once. With multiple receptionists able to take calls for your office, there is a friendly voice to greet callers every hour of every day.

2. You Can Free Your Receptionist Up to Do Other Things

Think about all the tasks your receptionist does on a daily basis, aside from answering the phones. Now double those tasks and you can see just how much more that staff member can accomplish now that he or she does not have to be on the phone for the majority of the day. Your receptionist can assume a role such as office manager rather than be tied up on the phone.

3. Call Centers Operate 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Every Day of the Year

Alert Communications has multiple shifts of receptionists, allowing continuous monitoring of your phone calls. This means no matter what time a lead comes in, someone will be there to answer the phone live and gather the pertinent information. Live, human receptionists are extremely important to have answering your phones for legal services, as they need to exercise compassion and empathy with clients who are looking for help with sensitive subjects.

4. Call Centers Take Care of Training and Help Develop Scripts

If you had to hire a new receptionist today, you would need to set aside at least a day—if not more—for training. If you started seeking a new type of client, you would need to develop a new phone script to vet cases and take client information. Both of these steps are no longer your concern when you have an intake call center like Alert Communications providing the talent and helping develop the content. It is the call center's responsibility to help you develop the scripts and train receptionists. 

Try Working With an Intake Call Center and You Will Notice the Difference

When you hire Alert Communications, you free your staff members, get reliable phone coverage, and reduce the time you spend ensuring your phones are answered properly. Fill out the contact form on their website or give them a call at 800-801-7628 to learn more.

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