Websites need to be built to attract your perfect clients, but that can’t be the end of the story. If your website isn’t converting those people or helping you retain your audience, then it isn’t doing all it can do for you. If you’re only using your website to generate hits that don’t go anywhere, then what’s the point?

A conversion focus keeps the conversation going instead of leaving potential clients and contacts hanging. If you build a website that is meant to draw them in, then you also need to let them know what to do next to show their interest in what you offer. That’s what a conversion-focused website is all about.

Website Conversion Rate Increase

What a Focus on Conversion Really Looks Like

A “conversion-focused” strategy is meant to convert the people who contact you into paying clients. A website that is focused on conversion should:

  • Answer. Your website needs to let people know immediately what you do and why they should care. Be clear about what you offer, and immediately start answering the questions that brought them to you in the first place. You should be direct, but don’t push it by getting right in their faces to hard-sell something they don’t even understand yet. Your design should help new visitors get their bearings and find what they need. For example, navigation elements should make intuitive sense, and content should be easy to skim and understand. The look and feel of your site should already be sending a message about who you are and why you might be able to help.
  • Engage. Once you’ve drawn people in, you have to give them something good that they want to keep interacting with. That means that your website content should offer something of value and be written for people, not for search engines. Start with simple, informative content that avoids jargon and confusing industry terms. Use high-quality graphics and video to support your message and keep visitors engaged. Include an on-site blog that is updated regularly, and make it easy to find your social media accounts, sign up for your newsletter, or otherwise keep the conversation going.
  • Convince. Obviously, a huge part of converting your visitors is convincing them that you are the right choice for their needs. While you can explain what makes you a great choice in your content, your website’s design should also support what you have to say. Your design should be professional, modern, and consistent, and it should offer a taste of your personality. Including badges, awards, and testimonials can also reassure visitors and build trust.
  • Connect. Once people are visiting your site and engaging with you, you need to let them know what to do next. Your website should feature compelling calls to action, make it easy to contact you, and act as a funnel for the contacts you make. Give people several options for connecting with you, whether it’s reading your book, following you on social media, giving you a call, filling out a contact form, or taking other actions that deepen the relationship with your business. Your website can also help you automate the follow-up process so that you automatically stay connected with people who have shown interest.
  • Collect. Don’t let visitors fall through the cracks. Your website should serve as a landing place that collects interested contacts from all your marketing avenues, including social media, pay-per-click, and direct mail campaigns. It should also help you track conversions and other information about your visitors that helps you grow your herd and improve your overall strategy.

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