Contrary to popular belief, just building a pretty website isn’t going to get you the clients you are looking for. It’s not one of those things where "if you build it, they will come." Once you have built it, you need to constantly come up with new and improved ways of attracting visitors to as many different pages on your website as you can.  

The fact is, your website is the foundation of your business, from an online perspective. Everyone will visit it at some point. It is simply where people will end up. And it’s got a big job to do for you. Once people get there—by keyword, specific search, brand name search, or some other way—your website's important job is to then convert them into a lead or contact.

This is where interesting, relevant, and helpful content that answers your visitor's questions comes into play. Your prospects need to be able to find you, understand why you're most qualified to help them, and learn why they should contact you—either by phone or using an online contact form. Don't assume this is easier than it is; improving conversion is an art form.

And the process doesn't stop there. You need to retain their interest and your relevance to them forever and ever! Online marketing involves so much more than putting your name out into cyberspace and trying to draw in new clients. It is an active process that truly never ends if you want your business to be successful.

That starts with gleaning and building “your list.” Ideally, this list of yours contains all of your clients or patients, people you have turned away, peers and colleagues, associates, and even friends. Put them all on your list, and be disciplined about categorizing them so you send them only the materials intended for them—that’s key to list management.

If you manage your lead intake and list properly and appropriately, you will be rewarded with a constant flow of the type of business you wish to obtain.

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