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Creating an email newsletter is a relatively easy marketing project to do on your own—in fact, the Advanced Email Editor in DSS makes it so easy to do it yourself that some of you could probably have your first newsletter ready to send tomorrow!

If you have the time, motivation, and tools, you don’t need a team of specialists to make it happen for your law firm. What you might need, though, is some guidance and focus to get you started on the right path to newsletter success.  

Who Should Get My Newsletter?

An email newsletter is appropriate to send to almost everyone on your active contact list, including past clients, current clients, potential clients, referral sources, partner businesses, etc.—but don’t add everyone you know to your newsletter mailing list yet.  

The hitch is that you MUST make sure your contact list is cleaned up and “opted in” before you hit send, and you have to maintain that list and keep up with requests to “opt out” as they come in. Otherwise, you could end up in deep trouble with your readers and their email hosts!

If you already do a lot of other email outreach, you probably know the drill and have your list under control. If this is your first email outreach, though, it can be a little bit of a process.

Need guidance? Get crucial tips for managing your email list.

What Should I Write About in My Newsletter?

A great newsletter reinforces your brand through a variety of content. We recommend that you aim for one “feature article” that will headline your newsletter and set the tone for the month. You’ll also want to include several supporting content pieces that will engage and interest your readers.

What you want to write about in your newsletter is up to you—this is where you get to use your creativity! Your “feature article” might:

  • Cover important changes at your firm
  • Offer your reaction to legal news or current events
  • Set a “theme” for the month or contextualize your supporting content
  • Deliver a more personal or seasonal message to your audience

Your supporting content might include answers to frequently asked questions, announcements about events or awards, staff highlights, case stories, or topic overviews that link to your best in-depth website content. (Need inspiration? Take a look at the content options available in our done-for-you monthly email newsletter packages.)

You don’t have to stick to one practice area or worry about being relevant to every single person on your list. Instead, your newsletter content can be a buffet that offers little bites of insight into everything your law firm does. Don’t forget to pick a few images, too! Photographs and graphics draw the eye and make longer blocks of text more approachable.

Remember, some of the best newsletters out there take a friendly, informal tone since they’re going out to an audience that already has some familiarity with you and your brand. This is your chance to make connections and show people more about who you are, what you’re doing, and what makes your law firm different.

How Often Should I Send a Newsletter?

In our experience, a monthly newsletter schedule is ideal for most law firms. It is often enough to remind your readers and potential clients that you are around and active, but it’s not so often that people feel frustrated or overwhelmed with the contact.

If a monthly newsletter sounds like too lofty a goal, there’s nothing wrong with aiming to send out a quarterly newsletter until you get the hang of the process. Consistency is far more important than frequency here!

How Should I Design My Email Newsletter?

Of course, you want your newsletter to look great! The problem is that it has to look professional and clean while working for your readers on a lot of different devices. The layout should make sense. The text should be easy to read. There shouldn’t be any broken elements or links to nowhere. This can be hard to build up from scratch each time, but the right tools make it easy for beginners to grab a template and get going.

For example, the templates available in the Advanced Email Editor in DSS make it quick to find a design you like, customize it for your needs, and save it to use again later. Once you have it set up the way you like it, you can just click on your saved template when you’re ready to start on next month’s newsletter.

Using DSS to create e-newsletters

Not sure if you’re ready to start designing emails on your own? Check out our monthly newsletter packages. We’ll design your newsletter, craft the content you want to feature, handle all the moving parts, and keep it going for the time period you choose. It’s a quick, cool way to effortlessly stay in contact with your best potential leads and referral sources.

Questions about how to build a newsletter that will bring in more compliments and clients for your law firm? Give us a call at 888.886.0939.

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