Email was the first must-have application of the information age. In fact, the earliest forms of electronic mail—just text, of course, and no attachments—were seen as revolutionary in the early 1970s. Demand for this great new communications product was crucial to the development of the Internet we use today.

But our expectations of what email can do has grown along with the times. A brief, text-only message is still good enough today when you want to invite a friend to lunch next week. But if you’re using email as a way to promote your business to contacts and potential customers, you want something nicer. Something more professional. Something snazzy.

Surprise! If you already use our Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) marketing software, you’ve got it already.

DSS Brings the Snazzy to Your Client and Patient Email

Whether you are producing a one-shot email blast to all your business contacts or a campaign of promotional emails for a select few contacts, you want a clean, consistent, and professional email design. You want a branded email: messages that have your logo and contact information placed prominently and consistently across messages, and the same color scheme your website uses.

DSS Advanced Editor | Email Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

That’s just the beginning of what’s available to you right now in our new Advanced Email Editor. If you have DSS, the Advanced Email Editor is already activated within the "Campaigns & Emails" section of DSS, with no extra expense for the upgrade. Using the email newsletter or email blast CRM functions automatically grants you access to the Advanced Email Editor, as an alternative to the basic email design package.

Using the Advanced Email Editor: An Overview of the New Features

Of course, the basic email design system is still available for those who are satisfied with their current email performance. But many DSS users will want to begin immediately to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by the Advanced Email Editor. Let’s take a look at a few of the new features right now:

  • Limitless layout customization. You select colors and typefaces for text, background images for the whole email or for a designated panel, placement of other pictures (including your business logo), and a host of other options.
  • True multiple columns and sidebars. The Advanced Email Editor is capable of sophisticated effects that can be difficult to achieve on a webpage. You can use them in your email! How cool is that?
  • Easy drag-and-drop design. No coding skill required! Put the elements on the page with our simple mouse interface—then go back and nudge them until they’re exactly where you want them. The design tools are elegant and intuitive; no study guide needed.
  • Build it once, then use it again. Save your design work in a personalized template so you can reproduce the basic layout exactly the next time you want to craft a new message. Your own business templates are secured, so nobody else can borrow them, but you can create a library of template designs for each type of email project.
  • Design templates in your hand for a quick startup your first time. We have started you off with a handful of basic designs that you can customize further, so use them as a springboard for your creativity.
  • Interactivity! Motivate the reader to click on a button, then give him a button to push. You can send the email recipient to read a new page on your website, watch your latest YouTube clip, or just learn about your “unsubscribe” rules. When an email reader becomes part of the action, he gets engaged in what you’re saying.
  • It’s a Foster Web Marketing product, so you know it’s mobile-responsive. Mobile devices aren’t always ideal for reading new email messages, but we’re stretching the limits of adaptability to provide the best possible user experience across all reading devices.

DSS Email Template Builder

Here’s What We COULDN’T Include in the Advanced Email Editor

We couldn’t bundle the new editor with more time. And you’re going to want a little more time in your day. Our development team and testers were like kids with new toys: building new email pages, saving their designs as templates, and then remixing elements to create more original designs. You’re going to want to play with this enhancement a while. It’s functional but beautiful. It’s fun to use…and when was the last time you could say that about business software?

Except you might find that your business saves time over the long term. Once you have built a selection of custom templates, it will be easy to pull one off the shelf for your next email project. You may well find that you collect significant time savings in the weeks ahead. You definitely will be able to produce slick promotional emails that will make your competition seethe with envy.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing For Your Law Firm Or Medical Practice?

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