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An email campaign is a way to send clients information about your services using email. This information might be intended to request business, to provide brand awareness, or build trust and loyalty. The broad definition of an email campaign is to send email messages with the purpose of enhancing or strengthening the relationship with your client and to procure new clients.

Through an email campaign, you can send urgent messages about time-limited offers, seasonal or one-time promotions, and other news about your company that is separate from the routine general communication you may have with your clients. It also allows you to send potential clients information about what makes your company unique, special first-time client offers, and other messaging that might attract them to your business.

Email campaigns are a smart marketing method that can produce a high return on investment (ROI)—for both your money and time. These campaigns are important components of any marketing strategy that do a number of essential things: gather important data, build new prospect relationships, and help grow that ROI.

How to Create an Email Campaign in DSS

Before you create your email campaign, determine which method users will use to enter your campaign—via the main contact form, the mini contact form, or offers. This example will use an offer.

Step 1: Log into DSS, and choose CRM > Tags. Tags is the feature that connects your offers and your contacts.

Step 2: Under Add Tag, name the tag to identify your offer. This example uses “Car Accident Offer” to show that this tag corresponds to a car accident book offer on the website.

Step 3: Choose CRM > Campaign Emails > Add New. For each section field, you’ll input information that helps define your campaign.

Step 4: In the Template Title field, input Car Accident Email 1. This field is your internal reference about this email. Add all of the emails you want the user to receive for the car accident offer: input Car Accident Email 2, 3, 4, etc. You want these clearly identified because you’ll need to reference them later in the process.

Step 5: In the Sender Email field, input the email address the user can reply to if he’s interested in the car accident offer. Because you will receive email responses from clients or potential clients, choose this email address carefully.

Tip: You don’t need to input anything for the Sender Name field. This defaults to your firm name. Unless you want to change this, it’s created automatically.

Step 6: In the To Email field, input your email address. Typically, this field defaults to anyone that is tagged on the offer. However, you can also use this field to set up internal workflow alerts for your team. You can create an email to remind yourself to send out a note to the contact, send a hard copy of the book—anything you want. Once you input your address, it will override the tag, so only you receive the alert.

Step 7: In the Email Subject field, input the subject line the recipient will see when he gets the email.

Step 8: In the Email Content field, enter the content for your email.

Step 9: Under Insert Links to Content Editor, click the link you want to insert directly into your email content. This link will be inserted where you’ve placed your cursor.

Step 10: In the Email Attachments field, upload any files you want to be attached to the email. Note that any file you use must be uploaded in Document Library > Upload File to display in this list.

Step 11: Click the orange ACTIONS button, and choose Save to preview how your email looks. Create all of the necessary emails for your one campaign.

Step 12: To create the actual campaign, choose CRM > Campaigns > Add New.

Step 13: Under Campaign Details, give your campaign a title. This example uses Car Accident Offer. Then click SAVE.

Tip: The fields under the Google Custom Campaign URL Builder section help you better track where site visitors come from, which campaigns are working, and which are not—all using Google Analytics. These fields transfer automatically to Google Analytics, so you can better analyze your website traffic. See Google’s online documentation for more info.

Step 14: In the Tags field, assign the tag you want to be associated with your campaign. This example uses the Car Accident Offer tag that was created in Step 2. This makes the connection from the tag to the campaign.

Step 15: Under Sequences, add the emails to your campaign. Give the sequence a title, and select when you want the email to be sent.

Tip: The time delay you select is counted from day zero. This is the day the user fills out the contact form or was entered into a campaign.

Step 16: Click the Email Template drop-down arrow, and choose the first email from the list. Once you’ve completed adding the first email template, click the orange checkmark next to the sequence title. Continue adding emails to this sequence until your list is complete.

Step 17: Navigate to CRM > Forms. Select the item you’ve built the campaign for. For this example, you would choose the Car Accident Offer Form.

Step 18: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and add the tag you created for the offer. For this example, you would add the Car Accident Offer tag created in Step 2.

The connection is now made between the offer and campaign sequence. When someone fills out the offer form, he will receive the immediate thank you page and email you’ve already set up for the offer. Additionally, he will receive the email sequence you created in CRM.

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