Make the Most of Your Leads With Effective Email Campaigns!

In this webinar, we tell you exactly how to create a follow-up campaign to make the most of your leads. Watch the video on this page, or just check out the slide presentation here! There are entire books and websites dedicated to the psychology and best practices for email follow-up campaigns. We make it easy for you by summarizing what you need to know about keeping your business in the forefront of your users’ minds.Tom Foster Speaking at Web Marketing Conference

  • How to get real contact info
  • The first step: delivering your offer
  • Essential steps in your email campaign
  • Branding and consistency
  • Timing your email campaign messages
  • Getting emails OPENED
  • Getting links CLICKED and TRACKED
  • Measuring success

Inspired to create a great follow-up campaign but need ideas for an offer to link it to? Check out our May 2014 webinar, which was all about offers and landing pages for your website that WORK!


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