Tips and Tricks for Creating Offers and Landing Pages That Actually Convert!

One of the great things about hosting nearly 400 websites is that we have access to an awful lot of DATA, and this data is specific to law firm Foster Web Marketing Webinar: Landing & Offer Pagesand doctor websites. We know from experience that free offers are an excellent way to generate new leads. In fact, they make up 35% of all conversions on our sites.

We've collected information about over 80,000 leads that converted on our sites over the last year to prepare this webinar. Our goal is to share with you what kind of offers and landing pages will both attract visitors to your site and actually get them to give you their contact information!

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Common characteristics of top-converting offers
  • Actual titles of the top-converting offers
  • All the elements of a successful landing page for your offer
  • Examples of successful landing page elements
  • The importance of TESTING, TESTING, TESTING

If you want loyal clients and referral sources, watch this webinar and get started on creating your free offers! The best marketing happens with an attentive audience, and we’ll show you just how to build that audience. You can even follow along with the slides, which we’ve provided here.

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