If you have a campaign that involves getting a book, letter, postcard, or report to your clients, you may find that using a non-automated means such as regular mail (snail mail) can be difficult to track. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section in DSS now has a new “Fulfillment” feature that can help you manage communication emails about your campaign and who within your organization has responded to reminders to take action for a specific task.

The fulfillment feature provides a searchable table that displays all emails sent to a specific email address (a user, not to the client) requesting action be taken about the campaign. This table shows the date, subject, and content of each email. Additionally, you can “check” the items as you complete them, and the username and date are recorded in real time. The benefit of this feature is that it enables you to target an individual who needs specific information; send that information directly to him without involving others who may not need to be informed; and then display all communication in a report for tracking.

How to Use the CRM Fulfillment Feature to Help Manage Your Campaign Emails

During your campaign, it’s likely that you’ll send emails to employees in-house or to a third-party service agency requesting certain actions be taken or information be sent that’s associated with client communications. This may be an email to an employee reminding him to send out information or materials, or this may be an email to a firm outside the company you’ve hired to handle this communication for you. To help manage and track the on-going emails for your campaign, follow these steps:

Overview: It’s assumed that you’ve created employee email lists and tagged client contacts you want to communicate with. If you haven’t yet created these, read through our instructions on this process.

Step 1: Under the Campaigns & Emails panel in DSS, select Campaign > Search and Edit Existing.

Find the Search and Edit function in the CRM module

A list of emails displays under the Email Template section.

A list of email contacts will display

Some of these emails may be broad reminders to send out a book, conduct a follow-up survey, or communicate in any number of ways with clients. And often, there is more than one employee in the company or from the outside firm that is responsible for pieces of this task, so more than one person is included on the distribution list of that email. However, you may want to send a separate reminder or a specific change to one individual because the entire team doesn’t need to be notified about it.

Step 2: To send communication to just one individual who is part of that email’s distribution list, click that email to edit it.

Step 3: In the To Email box, type in the email address of the person you want to receive the email. Instead of sending the communication to everyone who might be on the list for that piece of communication, you are sending it to just one specified person.

Specify the individual you want to contact

Step 4: In the Email Content section, type your message.

Step 5: When you’re finished, click the down arrow on the orange ACTIONS button at the top right corner of the screen. Choose SAVE. The message is sent to the email address cited in the To Email box.

Step 6: When the person who is sent the email receives it, a record of that email shows up in the Fulfillment report. To see this record, under the CRM section, click Fulfillment. The email displays in the list.

Note: A tagged email won’t appear on the fulfillment report. Only those with a preset email address appear on the report.

Step 7: When the email recipient completes the requested task or action noted in the new, individual email, he clicks the check mark under the ACTIONS section. An Attention dialog box displays.

Step 8: In the Attention dialog box, click the orange COMPLETE button. Updated information displays under the COMPLETED section citing the date and time the recipient finished the task.

The fulfillment report helps other people who work on this task or have parallel or tandem tasks to watch the progression of the communication, responses, and actions taken for the campaign—keeping the workflow accessible and reducing overlap.

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