Using the Psychology of Email to Your Advantage

Most people get a minimum of 20 emails a day. They don’t have the time to carefully digest each item in their inbox. Instead, they quickly skim over the contents, making instant decisions on the worthiness of each email.

If your email doesn't stand out, doesn't invoke an emotional response, it will be skimmed over and deleted. To keep your emails from being trashed, and to improve the effectiveness of your drip campaign and monthly newsletters, be sure you:

  • Stand out with a clever subject line. With all of the emails your prospects receive, how can your email jump out? A subject line that deviates from the norm and makes the reader curious about the email's content will increase your open rate.
  • Be sure to Add Images. Images scream, "Look at me!" They force the eye to stop skimming and pay attention.
  • Speak to the reader. Is your email readable, dynamic, and informative? Will your prospects be able to understand your message, or is it full of jargon? Make sure you are using a voice that the common man can understand and appreciate.

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