Shannon Gifford

Shannon Gifford

Director of Front-End Development
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  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 315A Cameron St, STE A Alexandria, VA 22314
  • 571-290-4721

Shannon is part of the front-end development team at Foster Web Marketing and has made her mark as a powerful addition to the “Coder Kingdom.” Drawn to Foster Web Marketing because of its niche focus and reputation for producing top-quality web sites, Shannon is enjoying working in an environment where her fellow coders are both teaching her new skills and pushing her to grow as a web developer.

Professional Experience

Shannon discovered her love of web design as a senior psychology major at Clemson University when she had to design a website detailing the work she’d done over four years. After reading a couple of HTML books and getting some pointers, she dove headfirst into the project and was hooked right away. After graduating with her psychology degree in hand, Shannon helped to develop and moved into freelance web design and development, a career move that she is more than happy with.

Learn More About Shannon

A native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Shannon is a board game enthusiast who is always open to a challenge. She is also skilled in the art of origami and enjoys making lilies out of anything that is easily foldable.

What You Might Find Interesting About Shannon

Shannon is a former small business owner who ran a salon and spa in Clemson, South Carolina.