Start Getting More Compliments and Clients With a Monthly Email Newsletter Package

We all use it, every day. Social media can’t compete with it. The ROI is tremendous. It’s one of the most basic marketing functions, and yet so many of us are not taking advantage of it like we should.

I’m talking about email, of course!

Ongoing email communications to your clients and prospects not only establish your expertise and keep you top of mind but also reinforce why your contacts need your services and let them know what’s new.

Monthly email newsletters accomplish all that in one, neat package—and the team at FWM has just made it easier than ever for you to succeed.   

If You’re Adding Content to Your Website, You Need to Be Promoting it, Too!

This is not a “build it and they will come” situation; you need to deliver information to your audience and guide them to the next step. An email newsletter gives you a regular opportunity to highlight content for your perfect clients and keep them engaged with your brand.

With relevant links and strong calls to action, your email newsletter can lead contacts back to your website and through your office doors.

Make the process simple and let us do the work for you. 

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What You Get With Your Monthly Email Newsletter Package

Our expert team of content writers can create a monthly email newsletter that keeps your prospects engaged, reinforces your brand, highlights your best content, and increases conversion.

All email newsletter continuity plans start with:

  • A newsletter signup page for your website.

  • A signup form that includes tagging to ensure your newsletter goes to the right subscribers.

  • An email template with a header image that includes your logo and a footer with social media buttons.

After that, you just need to pick the monthly newsletter plan that best fits your firm:

  • 1 Feature Article Legal news, info, or firm news
  • 1 Article of Choice Can be selected from the list below
  • 1 Call to Action
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Elite (Recommended)
  • 1 Feature Article Legal news, info, or firm news
  • 1 Article of Choice Can be selected from the list below
  • 1 Call to Action
  • 2 FAQs or “Did You Know” Items
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  • 1 Feature Article Legal news, info, or firm news
  • 1 Article of Choice Can be selected from the list below
  • 1 Call to Action
  • 2 FAQs or “Did You Know” Items
  • 1 Attorney or Staff Highlight
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For your “Article of Choice” each month, you can choose from:

“From the Desk of” Article

  • Work hand-in-hand with our team to create a personalized message for your audience each month.

Featured Content Article

  • Drive traffic back to your website by highlighting your most recent content pieces in your email newsletter.

Firm News

  • Highlight the most exciting news at your firm, including awards, events, announcements, and successful cases.

Upcoming Events

  • Speaking at a seminar or event? Let your audience know!

Community Events

  • Support your community and be a resource for your clients and prospects by letting them know about fun and exciting events local to you.


  • If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s a good recipe. Share some of your favorites and connect with your clients in a totally different way.

Book Offer

  • You’ve put a lot of work into your online offer, so promote it in your newsletter! This allows you to segment your list even further and understand the needs of your prospects.

Client Testimonial

  • Let someone else tell the world how amazing you are! We can pull existing testimonials from your site and link back to more information, or you can send us some recent kind words from clients to include in your newsletter.

Case Result

  • Nothing showcases your expertise, empathy, and abilities quite like case results. Let us highlight your amazing achievements while sharing your clients’ stories.

Print Newsletter Signup

  • Print newsletters can be a powerful marketing piece. These tangible items put the information you want directly into your prospects’ hands, so be sure the right people are getting this information by including a print newsletter signup in your emails!

These packages are an easy and efficient way to dip your toes into email marketing and create a lasting relationship with the contacts on your list. Have questions? Give us a call at 888.886.0939 or choose your email newsletter package now.

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*All personalized articles require communication with your writer. If you are unable to provide the necessary information, we reserve the right to substitute personalized articles with our own relevant article. This keeps your newsletter on schedule and ensures timely and consistent delivery.