DSS Lead Tracking & Reporting: Know Where Your Business Is Coming From

podiatrists, lawyers, and other professionals need to have a finger on the pulse of their marketing performance, and they can’t let valuable leads fall through the cracks. At Foster Web Marketing, we know that tracking and analysis is a crucial part of your marketing success. We believe that you need this kind of vital information—at your fingertips—if you’re committed to reaching your goals. That’s why we built lead tracking and reporting solutions right into our powerful, proprietary DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication) marketing automation software. With DSS, you can always see where you stand.  

You don’t have to manage a sheaf of spreadsheets or complicated reports to understand if you’re succeeding at attracting and converting new clients. As soon as you log into DSS, you’ll see an easy-to-read snapshot of your performance and incoming leads, including:

  • How many leads and visits have come in

  • Where your visits and leads are coming from

  • How your numbers compare to the previous month

  • How people choose to contact you

  • Which pages and offer forms are most popular with your visitors

  • What visitors do when they visit your site

  • Your conversion rate

  • Other important data

Want to dig deeper? Powerful lead-management and organization tools are only a click away, and you have quick access to your Google Analytics data. If you’ve added the DSS Social Media Management or Customer Relationship Management tools, you will have expanded access to client feedback and social media metrics.

Stay on Top of Incoming Leads

Don’t miss another lead. Along with immediate lead notification, DSS helps you capture and manage incoming contacts. Our contact log offers details about where your contacts come from and gives you all the power you need to organize your leads. DSS even captures information from live chat and toll-free number providers.

Contact Log Screenshot | Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

DSS is more than just lead-tracking and reporting tool. It is a feature-packed software solution that is supported by our friendly team and constantly improved to better fit our clients’ needs. All our DSS tools and features work in harmony to help you boost your business, improve your strategy, and manage your web marketing. Want to see it in action? Reach out to us for a free demonstration of DSS and a chat with our experts.

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What Do Our Clients Think of DSS?

Listen to what Attorney Jim Dodson has to say about the value of DSS for his law firm.

So, What Exactly Is "DSS" and What Can it Do for You?

Learn how DSS can help you take control of your medical practice or law firm's online marketing.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reputation Management Software
Content Management System (CMS)
Easy to use Content Management System (CMS) to update your website content and layout. Learn more about our website management software.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
DSS CRM allows you to create automated email drip campaigns, newsletters and email follow-up sequences for your contacts.
Email Marketing Campaigns & Newsletters
A targeted email campaign allows you to speak directly to the needs of your users. Create branded newsletters populated with links to content on your site to stay in touch with your contact list and nurture your leads.
DSS Email Marketing
Reputation Management Software
The DSS Reputation Management Tool monitors the web for reviews and helps you create automated ways to generate new reviews for your business.
DSS Reputation Management
Search Engine Optimization & Website Health Tool
The DSS SEO tool allows you to manage your site’s health by monitoring technical performance, providing competitive analyses, and offering optimization recommendations.
DSS Search Engine Optimization & Website Health Tool
Local Listing Build & Sync
The DSS Local Listing Builder Tool syncs with over 40 local listing websites including the 4 major data aggregators to make sure your business information is as consistent as possible across the web.
DSS Local Listings
Lead Tracking & Reporting
DSS tells you where, when and how your leads are coming to you. Categorize, tag, and sort contacts for more targeted marketing emails and campaigns.
DSS Lead Tracking
Help & Support
DSS is loaded with help guides and tutorials so you can easily navigate through the system or learn more about each section. We also offer responsive, personal customer service at no additional cost.
DSS Help & Support
  • Local Listing Build & Sync
  • Lead Tracking & Reporting
  • Help & Support