Monitoring and managing your site’s performance is critical to targeting the right cases and clients. Knowing what to track, target, and optimize will not only generate attention from the people you want to work with, but it’s also the best way to get ahead (and stay ahead) of competitors. It’s also the only way to ensure you don’t fall behind. Even if you’re doing everything the “right way,” standards change over time, algorithms get updated, and things can (and will) break. No matter how well your site was designed and content was written, underlying or unknown issues will creep up and hurt your online presence if you don’t address them! Frustrating? For sure, but that’s the way the internet works. And luckily, you can do something about it.

The DSS SEO Tool Is Your Roadmap to Internet Success

The DSS SEO Tool is like a personal SEO Analyst that you can consult anytime you want. This is how you can find out precisely what you are and aren’t ranking for, and how to rank better. It will highlight any issues with citations, penalties you may have been hit with, thin content, technical errors, broken links…and the list goes on. The only way to fix your site is to identify what’s broken, and the SEO Tool is where you should start. 

What Can the DSS SEO Tool Do for You?

In addition to pointing out what’s wrong, the SEO tool can provide you with guidance on how to do it right. Identify the right keywords for your goals, develop a keyword strategy, and understand how to avoid competitive vanity keywords. Check out all of the features of the DSS SEO tool, here:

  • Track keyword rankings in your target locations for you and your competitors
  • Provide keyword research to discover the keyword phrases you should target
  • Track the number and quality of backlinks for you and your competitors
  • Discover what backlinks your competitors have that you don’t with Backlink Spy
  • Track Google Algorithm updates to correlate whether your site was affected
  • Scan for broken links to internal and external URLs to keep your website healthy
  • Scan your site for broken or poorly optimized images to improve optimization
  • Provide recommendations to improve webpage response times (desktop and mobile)
  • Track the number of pages in Google’s index over time
  • Deliver social media activity for your law firm and compare to competitors
  • Recommend keyword targets through a landing page optimization tool
  • Help improve content relevance and architecture with an internal links optimization tool
  • Measure site health, usability, and indexing with a technical audit tool
  • and more!

Are You Considering Adding Marketing Automation Software To Your Law Firm or Medical Practice Strategy?

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