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Did you know there is a way to get in front of more potential clients…and it doesn't cost a thing?

Does this claim sound too good to be true?  If so, you need to read Social Media for Attorneys That Finally Gets You the Cases You Want as soon as possible.

Social media is no longer for the younger generations. It has revolutionized the way that we interact with our peers, family members, friends, and best of all...prospects. And social media is here to stay!

Social Media for Attorneys That Finally Gets You the Cases You Want takes the mystery out of social media and walks you through how to:

  • Develop a social media strategy that actually works to get you more exposure online, to help develop a herd of faithful followers, and to establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Create dynamic accounts with the major social media websites: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Determine how much time to allocate to social media.
  • Use social media to get more cases!

Social Media for Attorneys That Finally Gets You the Cases You Want is your guide to developing a powerful social media marketing campaign. But you might still be thinking, "Does social media really work for attorneys?" The answer is YES!  Here are examples of Foster Web Marketing clients who have used social media to extend their practices:

Gerry Oginski, NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Gerry OginskiMore than any other lawyer in the country, Gerry has taken advantage of video—perhaps the most social tool on the web—to get more cases. He has over 300 optimized videos on his YouTube channel and posts updates to his Facebook 8-10 times a day.

“I accepted a wrongful death case after a potential client called my office while watching my videos. I settled that case prior to trial for $450,000. That generated a fee for me of $123,000. I settled another wrongful death case during mediation immediately before trial for $395,000. That case generated a fee of $86,000 for me. Both of those cases came to me directly from people who watched my videos about similar topics and called me to ask questions.”

Chris Davis, Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

Chris Davis with the Davis Law Group in Seattle, Washington, has a great story of how social networking can bring in cases. Chris made a connection on Facebook with an old friend from law school who practices a different type of law. In a matter of days after they re-connected, this friend referred a case to Chris that was worth about $75,000 in legal fees. Not bad!

According to Chris, he has gotten cases through Facebook because of his social media relationships with his clients. For example, he has had clients connect with his firm on Facebook. Once their friends (who may have been injured in the same accident) see the Davis Law Group mentioned in a post or on a news feed, they also call Chris’s firm.

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