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Tim and Sean Cuddigan, a father and son legal team, came to work with Foster Web Marketing in 2011. When we first met the team at Cuddigan Law, they had a website with another big-name legal website provider. After an in-depth analysis of their web presence, including a thorough check of their backlink profile, we created a strategy that was sure to bring them success.

Site Features

Saving the Cuddigans from Shady Web Marketing

What we did: Soon after the Cuddigans fired their old provider and launched their Foster Web Marketing site, we found that somehow the Cuddigan’s backlink profile had turned toxic. We had seen this happen to other attorneys who had fired the same provider, but no matter why it happened, we took an aggressive and quick approach to fixing the issue. By creating quality content, targeting and removing bad backlinks, and disavowing hundreds of referring domains, we were able to save the Cuddigan’s website.

Why does it work? Search engines love a good backlink profile—having authoritative websites that link to your content is a great sign of trust and leads to better search engine rankings. Bad backlinks, however, have the opposite effect. By removing the poisonous backlinks from these other websites and creating informational, user-friendly content, we were able to get Cuddigan Law back to page one of Google’s search results.

Defining Their Niche

What we did: Not long ago, Social Security disability was a key term to identify those who could no longer work. In more recent years, it has evolved, and “disability” is no longer limited to Social Security disability alone. While still targeting the Cuddigan’s niche market in disability, we added additional practice areas to their website in order to attract the clients they are best able to serve without limiting themselves.

Why does it work? Attorneys can’t be everything to everyone, but “disability” is an umbrella term that covers many specific niches. Providing distinct information on different kinds of disability claims means users have access to the information they really need—not a broad and often confusing reference that other disability attorneys use. The more you build conceptual signposts for your target audience, the bigger (and better) your reach is! A user looking for help with their veteran’s disability benefits can get a ton of great information from the Cuddigan’s site, and they don’t have to weed through lots of irrelevant content to get there!

Videos That Make an Impact

What we did: We created the high-quality video that answers their users’ most frequent questions and establishes the Cuddigans' expertise. We also created splash screens—the still images you see before video plays—that feature the questions answered in the video.  

Why does it work? By utilizing video, the Cuddigans have the opportunity to introduce themselves to their audience before they ever meet. This is a key selling point for people who are searching for attorney representation. Letting the audience know what question is being answered in the video is also critical for user experience. Many people want information that comes to them quickly and is easy to digest. Sitting through a four-minute video without knowing in advance whether the right information will be shown can easily lead to user distraction or impatience. If the user knows exactly what to expect, he is likely to pay attention.

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