Be Consistent for Better Local Search Results

Your local citations—also known as local listings—can be thought of as your front door. If you neglect to keep the crucial elements of your listings clean and consistent, you may be making mistakes that will prevent people from calling you and coming to your office.

The Key to a Clean Local Listing: Consistency

So what needs to be perfect to best attract and welcome your local audience? Everything. But the three big mistakes that can trash your successful entry into your local market are:

  1. Your name. Your practice can't be listed as  "Jones and Jones" on one site and "Jones & Jones" on another. It has to be identical everywhere. Period.
  2. Your address. This should be your main, brick-and-mortar office, not a shared or satellite office space. Again, check that it's listed identically everywhere. "Suite 41" on one site and "Suite 14" on another can create a big mess.
  3. Your phone number. Ensure that you always use your local phone number, not a 1-800 number, and that there aren't any mistakes in it. One wrong digit and your listing is soiled.

The One Time a NAP and Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Clean Local Welcome Mat

Napping is seen as lazy, but in this case, failing to NAP correctly can cause a complete breakdown and trash your image.

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) represents the three local citation elements that must be correct in order for you to be found by local clients, patients, and customers. And your NAP isn't just key to being found on the internet; it's key to being found in real life, as well. If there are big mistakes in your listings—or if you've moved and didn't update your NAP—there is a good chance that people are attempting to call you or come to your office and failing. This could represent the loss of multiple clients or patients and many thousands of dollars—all because you neglected to keep your local citations clean.

Our Local Listing Cleaning Team Is at the Ready

To sweep the cobwebs from your local listings and shake off any mistakes that lie neglected on your welcome mat, request your free website analysis. Our local citation cleaning team will assess the situation and get to work, fixing up your listing and bringing more local traffic to your front door. Call 888-886-0939 to get started.

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