What Do People Really Search to Find Lawyers?

Typical attorney requested keywords like “Virginia auto accident attorney” don’t produce contacts or queries like the intelligent searches. Below is an abbreviated list of the search terms people have typed into a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, AOL) in the last week.

  • bad faith claim insurance advocacy
  • rotator cuff tear + medical malpractice
  • Child in wreck in Hattiesburg, Mississippi receives settlement
  • 911 phone call bike accident death mistakes
  • lawyer female washington dc personal injury
  • hospital medication mistake
  • NH injury in any accident laws
  • statute of limitations on Tort malpractice in Virginia
  • car accident claims by lawyer in alexandria, va
  • how to file nursing home abuse in Virginia
  • reckless driving school, va
  • northcarolina social security hearings process
  • michigan lawsuits company death
  • atlanta apartment complex liability laws
  • michigan food lawyer
  • Will I win my lawsuit in Raleigh NC due to a car accident?
  • virginia speeding above 100 mph

You’ll notice people type in the most unexpected phrases.  Sometimes the search terms don’t include a city or state or the words lawyer or attorney. But, after their search, they did indeed contact a lawyer.

You may ask “How do I cover all my bases?” or “How do I get found for these off-the-wall terms?”

In the information on these contact forms, it lists what page the visitor went to first.  The page they were lead to isn’t the home page.  In the majority of the cases, it was a library article.  So, the answer is to write more content.  Add library articles to your site.  The more pages you have on your site, the more likely you are to have the word combinations that visitors may search for.  

Trent Semler
Senior Marketing Strategist Trent Semler helps clients nationwide with rankings, traffic, and leads.
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