The holiday season is ramping up, and most of us are getting ready to wind down and enjoy a little time with friends and family. But, before you totally check out into “holiday mode,” it’s worth it to take a few proactive steps that will position you for success right out of the gate next year. 

It doesn’t even have to take a lot of time or effort!

All the things we talk about below are the kinds of little things that get deprioritized throughout the year. They’re not necessarily the most sexy or exciting things you can do to market your practice, but they are part of the routine maintenance that keeps things running smoothly. It really is those “little things” that make a big difference in how well your marketing works for you and your perfect clients!

So, before you settle into the holidays this month, put aside a little time to dig into these 5 tasks and start the new year right.

1. Revisit the Tools You Already Use to Market Your Practice 

It’s really easy to get into the habit of just doing things the way you’ve always done them. We think that’s especially true when it comes to the marketing tools and software you use every day. Sure, you know how to get in there and do exactly the same things you always do with it. But when was the last time you dug a little deeper?

The truth is that tons of law firms and medical practices aren’t using their software and tools to their full potential. In a lot of cases, they’re doing things by hand or in another app that could be easily automated by the software they already have!

So, give yourself a little time to really explore those tools that you already use. What can it do? How can you use it better? What has been changed or added? Could you or your staff benefit from a refresher course or a little training on new features? 

You might be amazed at how much time and money you can save by just using your existing tools more effectively.   

2. Re-Optimize Your Website Photos and Images 

Photos and images play a big part in your website, and they have a significant impact on your potential clients’ first impressions of your practice. However, a lot of websites will go for literally years using the same, old images—and it really shows. 

Do you still look like the photo on your bio page? Are the photos of your office current? Do you use a lot of images that include employees that are no longer with you? These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask yourself. 

If the images on your website no longer match the branding of your business and the reality clients will see in person if they hire you, then they’re not working for you. 

And, even if your website is full of recent, high-quality images, you might benefit from a little image optimization. Taking the time to do a quick image check-up could lead to better search performance, better page loading times, and an overall more professional look and feel.  

3. Delegate the Marketing Tasks You Shouldn’t Be Doing Yourself

This tip is a little less “do” and a little more “think,” but we think it’s just as important as anything on your to-do list. Lots of lawyers and podiatrists start out as DIY marketers. They learn about digital marketing and read all the books. They write all their content. They do their keyword research. They analyze what their competitors are doing. They try to stay on the cutting edge of every facet of their marketing, and it turns into way too much—especially if they’ve been successful with it!

At some point, you have to start delegating some of your marketing tasks to focus on your clients and your business. So, make a New Year’s resolution to get the stuff off your plate that you don’t need to be doing. That might mean hiring an in-house marketing director or working with a digital marketing agency, but you won’t regret the gift of time you give yourself. 

When you put some of those tasks in the hands of other trusted experts, you free up more time to strategize what comes next and be a great practice to market!

4. Collect Reviews and Testimonials That Show You at Your Best 

Did you collect all the testimonials on your website way back when you first launched it? Is your best Google or Yelp review dated more than a year ago? It happens! But don’t let it stay that way. 

You have to keep up with a strategy to keep those excellent reviews and testimonials coming in. And the best way to get the most of them is to actually put them to use in your marketing materials! 

Learn more about creating a stellar review strategy

Reviews and testimonials are SO important for generating new leads and converting people to your brand. It’s what shows them that you’re a real, live business that makes its clients happy. And it’s what “tells the story” and “sells the story” of your brand to skeptical potential clients. 

You don’t want people to think you were great 5 years ago! So, mix in new reviews and testimonials with the old, and do what you can to use them to their fullest. 

5. Spiff Up Core Site Pages to Give Them an Edge

Speaking of things you may not have looked at since you launched your website, how do your “core” website pages look? Your home page, practice area pages, about-us page, and bios could all probably stand a refresh. Even if you don’t think much has changed, you might be amazed at how stale and off-target those pages might seem if you haven’t looked at them in a while. 

So, give it all the benefit of fresh eyes. Update anything that reads a little outdated. Improve your tagline and headlines. Make sure your contact forms make sense and are working correctly. Think about what you can do to bring those pages in line with your current brand, your current goals, and your current “perfect clients.” 

These pages are usually your biggest converters, but they can go stale over time. Honestly, you could probably make some basic improvements in the next 10 minutes that will improve your conversions all year!

Here’s One More Way to Get Ready to Rock in 2022

Looking for more ways to make waves in the coming year? The 5 tips above are only the beginning. There are probably lots of steps you could be taking to push the needle ahead a little further. You just have to be able to identify them and put them into action!

And that’s exactly why we’re here for you. 

Ready to strategize a better 2022? Schedule a marketing analysis with our friendly team to discuss what you’re already doing well, where you can gain an edge, and how to build on your strategy for the future. 

Together, we can make 2022 your best year yet!

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