Do-It-Yourself Attorney Marketing: Send Out a Newsletter

Not all attorney marketing projects require a team of specialists – and not all law firms or attorneys can afford to outsource their marketing. This week, we’ve been talking about a number of marketing projects, both online and offline, that attorneys and their staff can tackle on their own after a little education and training. One of the best places to start? Publishing a regular newsletter for past, present, and future clients.

What Should We Write in Our Newsletter?

A good newsletter has a variety of content, ranging from frequently asked questions to helpful tips to announcements. Aim for about half a dozen short articles, some graphics or images to break up the text, and a friendly, informal tone. Consider breaking up the task of writing among several people in your office if possible, and make sure the layout seems professional and clean, even if it is simple.

How Often Should We Send a Newsletter?

Consider a monthly or quarterly newsletter – it is often enough to remind your readers and potential clients that you are around and active, but not so often that people on your list become frustrated by receiving too much correspondence. Starting with a quarterly newsletter until you get the hang of the process may not be a bad idea.

How Should We Distribute Our Newsletter?

At Foster Web Marketing, we believe that a combination of online and offline marketing efforts is the best way to run a law office. Consider mailing your newsletter to local contacts, emailing your newsletter to your contact list, and posting PDF files of your newsletter on your website.

Attorney Marketing Training and Education

Marketing is only effective if it is done correctly – do not waste your time blindly attempting marketing efforts. Our team of specialists can help you learn how to do things right and give you the tools to do it yourself. To learn more about our complete list of services and training opportunities, call 888-886-0939.

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