Don't You Want to Build Credibility With Your Client Prospects and Stand Out From Your Competitors?

You might have the best website in town that attracts a ton of online traffic. The site may have cutting-edge graphics and amazing content, but if you don’t have a call to action or a way to convert prospects into clients, you are missing out on potential business. You need to create some irresistible offer that is so enticing, your prospects just can’t resist. What better offer than a free book?

Having your own book allows you to:

  • Build credibility
  • Create the perception that you are an expert and celebrity 
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Educate your clients
  • Gain recognition as an author
  • AND last—but definitely not least—convert more prospects into clients

We Make it Easy for You to Become an Author.

You are a busy doctor, lawyer, or other business professional. We understand that the last thing you have time for is writing a book, which is why we will do it for you! We have experienced authors who will work with you to create an interesting, information-packed book, which will be sure to help you obtain more clients. Our book ghostwriting service makes it easy to become a recognized author!

As part of our book writing services, we will:

  • Interview you to discuss the book material
  • Draft a comprehensive outline that will become the “blueprint” for your book
  • Write a manuscript of approximately 30 pages
  • Edit the book according to your specifications
  • Proofread the final manuscript
  • Deliver an amazing finished product

Want to do it yourself? That’s great! You have a tremendous grasp of specialized knowledge acquired over the years you have been practicing. But if you are like many first-time authors, you are a little uncertain about how to proceed. We can help you develop a writing outline, polish your literary style, or even do a professional editing job on your first draft. Learn more about our professional book writing services here or 888.886.0939 for information.

There is even another option for you, which comes in the form of book licensing. To learn more, visit our service professional's book licensing page!