You put a lot of work into creating a website that attracts the kinds of cases you want. Are you also creating landing pages that convert your online visitors into real-life clients?

While blogs and supporting content play a major role in bringing people to your website, landing pages are on a mission to convince your perfect clients to take action. This means that, when you’re creating landing pages for your books and offers, you need to address your new visitors’ main concerns about taking that next step.

In other words, landing pages that convert organic visitors are ready to answer the following kinds of questions:

Why Do I Want This?

When someone clicks on a paid ad for an offer, you know you already have their attention. When someone clicks on an organic link to an offer, though, you need to put a little more work into showing them what you’re offering and why they should care.

The way to do this is to address their specific “pain points” and connect your offer to those needs.

For example, if someone clicks onto the landing page for your book about what to do after a car accident, that landing page should immediately let them know that you understand why they’re looking for help.

It should speak to their pain and confusion after an accident. It should let them know that they’re not alone in their experiences with the other driver’s insurance company. It should offer them hope and help. It should let them know that actionable advice is only a click away, and it should give them an idea of what they’ll get in return for that click.

It should go without saying here, but it’s a lot easier to convince people to reach out when what you have on offer is truly helpful and valuable to your potential clients. Do your books speak directly to your perfect clients and answer their questions? Do your quizzes help patients learn something new or understand their condition better? Do your promotions resonate with the kinds of clients you want walking through your door?

If not, let's talk about how to make sure your books and offers are as professional as you are.

Why Should I Trust You?

People are hesitant to trust anyone online, and some people will pass over even the most enticing offers if they don’t see the signals that let them know they can trust you.

Like we said above, part of building that trust is showing that you understand where your audience is coming from and the concerns that are on their mind. The other part is showing that you’re not the only one who thinks you’re trustworthy.

Add a few reviews and testimonials to your landing pages. Add social media buttons that show people that you’re active and engaged, even outside your website. Let people know what other professionals and media outlets have said about you. You don’t have to go overboard here—just offer a few signs that you’re a real person who does good work for people with the same kinds of needs as the visitor.

Need some ideas? Learn more about the trust signals you need on your website.

What Do You Want Me to Do?

The layout of the page itself should also clearly guide visitors to the goal. Landing pages should always have a clear headline, minimal navigation elements, and a single call to action. A short, to-the-point contact form with a graphical call-to-action button can be highly effective here, and you have a lot of options for color, text, and format so you can create something that really captures attention.

Find out how to use customized contact forms and calls-to-action to convert more visitors. 

Keep in mind that it’s best to ask for as little information as possible on offer landing pages. For example, if all you really need is a name and email address, don’t force your interested visitors to jump through more hoops and fill out their address, phone number, and other personal information. Keep it simple. People are much more likely to go for an offer if they only need to give you the bare minimum.

What Happens Next?

If you don’t have some kind of follow-up campaign in place for visitors who have taken advantage of your offer, you risk making them feel like you dropped them as soon as they did what you wanted. That’s not the kind of impression you want to make.

Instead, make sure that you let your contacts know that you still care about their needs and want to help. Once someone has filled out your request form, send them to a thank-you page that reaffirms their decision to reach out. Send a thank-you email that lets them know that you’re there for them and appreciate their interest. Follow that up with a series of emails over time that check in and offers pointers to relevant information.

These are the little touches that keep people engaged and keep you top of mind with your perfect clients, long after they close their browser windows.

What It Looks Like When All the Elements of a Landing Page Work Together

All the above is easy to say, but what does an effective organic landing page really look like? Take a look at this example:

Best Practices for Landing Pages | Content Writing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

The headline immediately grabs attention, and the body of the content tells you exactly what you can expect to learn from the offer. The content addresses the concerns of visitors who have questions about their rights, and it connects those concerns with the information available in the book.

The Amazon button and reviews in the sidebar help build trust and show authority. The eye-catching contact form and button are simple and direct, asking only for minimal information. Overall, the page is clean and easy to read, without confusing visitors or dividing their attention.

As a final thought, don’t worry if your landing pages aren’t all at peak performance right away. Great landing pages aren’t created overnight. Really getting focused on conversion takes an extensive understanding of your audience paired with a willingness to test, tweak, and improve upon the work you’ve done. Looking at your data, tracking your leads, and testing your pages and follow-up campaigns are as much a part of a conversion-focused landing page as the content and customized buttons. 

Are You A Lawyer Or podiatrist Who Wants To Learn How Solid Content Can Earn You More Clients?

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