Exactly How to Garner Trust and Increase Conversion Rates

We've been discussing the intake and outtake processes this week, but I wanted to touch on an important point: you need to start building trust long before a client calls your office. In fact, if you haven't proven your worth, then I'm willing to bet that your phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook.

People don't just cold call a business; before they dial, they search. They look over your website, your Facebook page, and your reviews to get a sense of your trustworthiness. 

Trust Fall

Trust Fall MarketingWhat they're searching for is a reason to trust you. This is especially true for doctors and lawyers. Potential clients want to know that you, and only you, are the best person to help them. They want to know that, if they make the leap and call your office, you will catch them and provide the best possible care, relieving their pain and stress.

To establish this trust, you need to make sure that the following trust cues are in place:

  • Testimonials. A testimonial is found on your site. It's in video or print form and, since it has been added by you, it's always positive. Testimonials should be carefully placed near stress points for your audience, such as during the buy process and near contact forms. Never create a page for testimonials. This is usually the least visited page on a website.
  • Reviews. Reviews are found on external, independent websites. Because they aren't found on your website, positive reviews go a long way toward building trust with a potential customer or client. Be sure you're asking for reviews and responding to any negative reviews you've received.  
  • Endorsements. Do you have a famous person—or even a well-recognized local figure—who you've represented or treated? If so, consider asking them for an endorsement. Video endorsements are best, followed by a print endorsement next to their picture.
  • Logos of news outlets. If you've been featured on TV or in print, be sure to add media logos to your homepage. This shows that you are seen as an expert in your field. If you haven't been interviewed by local or national media outlets, it's time to make a plan and get this important exposure
  • The right content. Content that addresses the most common sources of stress for your clients or patients adds considerable trust to your business. It shows that you know what concerns are keeping them up at night and that you are ready to answer their most pressing questions.   
  • An active social media account. A social media page that has lots of followers or likes and is full of comments that sing your praises and thank you is like a huge sign that says, "You Can Trust This Doctor!" Be sure you're making the most of your social media accounts and building all-important social proof each time you post.

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