Free Books for Virginia Car Accident and Malpractice Victims

It may not be necessary to hire a lawyer for your case if you’ve been hurt by somebody else’s negligence, but you would need to defend yourself with quality information prior to calling a personal injury attorney or personally dealing with an insurer
Here’s what Virginia personal injury and medical malpractice attorney Ben Glass says:  "I am sick and tired of the insurance companies taking advantage of people before they have access to valuable information that previously could only be obtained by calling an attorney and making an appointment for a consultation."
Insurance companies prefer that you call them personally and give them a recorded statement; sign the medical authorization and accept their offer for reimbursement which is very far from being fair as they know that you may not be aware of your rights.
Order the free books (free to residents of Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia) from the list below before talking with that “fair” insurance adjuster or calling even for that initial free consultation.
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Most Medical Malpractice Victims Never Recover a Dime:

Is there a medical malpractice crisis in Virginia? Hardly any! Virginia is on the list of one of the most “Medical Doctor friendly” states throughout the country. If someone is seriously injured, the Virginia State Law almost guarantees and provides for filing a bankruptcy. Ben Glass will help you reveal the necessary steps that you will need to take for recovering damages in a Virginia malpractice case and destroy popular insurance company beliefs about doctor and hospital negligence.



5 Deadly Sins to Wreck Your Virginia Accident Case:

Ben Glass, a personal injury attorney will reveal what the insurance company will try to do to decline or reduce the reimbursement of your claim. He will also accept a controversial stand on attorney fees and reveal what is often provided by some lawyers can be the inevitable loss to your Virginia accident case.



Robbery Without a Gun? Possible! Or Why Your Long Term Disability Insurance Policy May be a Sham:

Your claim may be turned down for various reasons. In this book Ben Glass opens up the mistakes that victims and their doctors make in a disability claim. These mistakes can virtually guarantee that the claim is going to be denied by an insurer. Don’t apply for benefits before reading this book for quality information on long term disability.



Lawyer Advertising:The Shocking Truth?:

“Pay only if we win your case;” “Free First Consultation;” “Aggressive Representation;” “Join a Million Dollar Club.” These advertisements are often times deceptive and misleading. Ben Glass takes a controversial stand and says that these popular advertisements are much less than helpful. In this book Ben Glass offers five simple steps to plan for finding the right lawyer just for your case (remember that attorneys that rely on “fistfuls of cash” type advertisings don’t like this book and are likely to use deceiving strategies).



Most drivers in the State of Virginia do not have adequate insurance policies. This may simply mean that driving legally without insurance or even with a minimum liability coverage can throw you into having an injury and having insurance to pay for it. This book will tell you all about buying an adequate insurance protection for yourself for less money – what most insurers will not do for you, either not willing to sell you this coverage or simply can’t explain it to you.
You have probably noticed in both, the news and your paycheck, that not only are insurers increase their premium and deductibles while reducing their liability coverage, but expend the vast sums of their profits to influence the scales of Law and Justice in their own favor. Insurance companies spend millions and millions of dollars to save many more millions by changing the legal ability of personal injury, medical malpractice, and insurance victims in recovering a proper compensation in a court of law.
There is already a substantial progress of insurance companies having a lot of influence upon the legal system. For instance, insurance companies in the State of Virginia have already made in certain as to what the maximum compensation a victim can be entitled in a Virginia Court, despite the severity of his condition. Often times, victims are no longer able to work ever again and may face endless medical bills that have spiraled into many millions of dollars, yet the law still arbitrarily limits medical malpractice awards.
Another fact about insurance companies: aside from working to set tighter limits on verdicts in personal injury cases and cases involving medical malpractice, they try ensure that these cases are as lengthy, as intrusive, and as costly as possible for you. Insurers will not hesitate about denying their responsibility in even the most severe negligence cases – cases that usually result in suffering, lifelong pain and loss for the victims and their loved ones. Insurance companies have a strong belief that if the claim process is complex enough, you will not pursue your goal of succeeding with your claim, also hoping that their claimants will not find a crucial component – an experienced trial attorney who is competent in handling your claim professionally.
Benjamin Glass III & Associates Law Offices’ goal is to challenge the power and greediness of insurers by providing high-end quality legal counsel and representation in Washington DC and Virginia to legitimate victims of:



Ben Glass has helped clients in seeking compensation for personal injuries and medical malpractice since 1983, working thorough many legal obstacles presented by insurance companies. We offer our experience, a wealth of resources and knowledge in representing our clients in the court of law. Ben Glass focuses on your success with the power of knowledge and experience.
Our law firm will be the first firm to tell you that there is not a personal injury and a medical malpractice case is easy. We have employed honesty as the foundation of client relationships, and designed our web site to give you necessary education on the many steps you would go through if pursuing a personal injury or a medical malpractice claim success. We also possess a wide knowledgebase about denials of long term disability claims by major insurance companies. Take your time to review our web site in full and gain a better understanding of the challenges you will face in your legal pursuit.
Being complex, medical malpractice and personal injury law cause a lot of suffering to those who have experienced somebody else’s negligence. Ben Glass knows it is not an easy matter. If you read information provided on our web site and believe that you have a case and are ready to pursue the justice for someone else’s wrongdoing contact us for a free consultation on your medical malpractice or personal injury case today. We will take all necessary information from you and give the best advice that will be based on two decades of experience in Virginia and Washington, DC.