YouTube Adds Comments Highlight View – Another Reason to Create Attorney Web Video

According to a blog post on YouTube’s website, “New Video Page Adds Comments Highlight View and Ratings Improvements,” the company spent a good portion of March focusing on a new video page design.  This initiative was taken by YouTube based on users’ feedback.

As part of the redesign, there is now a “highlights view” of comments that is broken into different categories – uploader comments, highest rated comments, video responses and most recent comments.  This new design is supposed to resemble a single “front-page story” that you can delve into for additional details regarding video comments.  YouTube has mentioned that it will continue to improve this highlights view, based on how users interact with it.

Why Attorneys Need Web Video
If you are an attorney who is looking for ways to attract more cases through your Internet marketing campaign, then you need to incorporate Web video into your online strategy.  Online video continues to grow in popularity, as more people are turning to it to find the answers they are looking for.  Attorney Web video is a key component to effective search engine optimization, but it also helps build trust with potential clients.

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