7 Powerful Types of Video to Improve Website Conversion

Did you know that adding video to pages on your website can increase both ENGAGEMENT and CONVERSION? Better engagement means that people who visit your website are staying on your site longer and doing more—clicking buttons, navigating to additional pages. Better conversion means that you’re actually getting contact information from people who want to hear from you—your ultimate goal!

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So if video can get you more engaged visitors and more contact information, what are you waiting for? If you’re just not sure what kind of video to do, check out these powerful video ideas that really get website visitors engaged. We shoot a wide variety of videos for our clients, as each can be used in a different way to tell your story and convince web visitors that you’re the right person for them.


Custom bio video

Attorney Brian Beckcom recently updated his bio video, answering a mix of personal and professional questions. The questions appear on the screen, breaking up the shot and giving it great visual appeal.

You can see this video in action on Brian's bio page (he has a great written bio with lots of images, too!).


Answer a question on video

Here’s an example of attorney Bill Turley answering a question: a great way to start the conversation with prospective clients. They will get a taste of what it’s like to work with Bill.

You can watch this video on Bill's website, and watch more of his video responses!



Let your clients speak for you! Nobody is going to believe you when you brag about how great you are. Let your own happy clients do the talking, like Hupy & Abraham did in this video!

Check out this video on their own website, and note how we provided a transcript of the video both for the search engines and for those who prefer to read text.


Compelling marketing videos

We call these our “why to buy” videos. They present a service, and explain why yours is the preferred product. Hofmann and Schweitzer created a “why to buy” video that allowed prospective clients to see the process behind the service, as well as the passion they have for representing their clients.

Hoffman and Schweitzer's video is on their homepage, which is a great place to utilize this kind of "why to buy" video.


Tour of your office

This is a great way to familiarize clients with your office layout. We even had one firm do this because the entrance to their building was so hard to find! If you do this kind of video, you can put it on your office landing page and have your intake folks send it to new clients so they feel comfortable and familiar when they arrive.

See this office tour video in action on the VB Attorneys website!


Job posting videos

Want to find the best and brightest in your area? This video from Hupy and Abraham allows potential candidates to get a feel for the office environment before they apply. These videos can generate excitement and entice serious applicants, as well as ward off those who may not be the right fit.

Hupy and Abraham uses this video to find the perfect candidates for jobs at their various offices. The video links to their "Careers" page, which you can create as well!


Voiceover and powerful images

Even if you can’t be in the studio, you can still use your voice and powerful images like Lane and Lane did with this video on a recent sex abuse case.

Lane and Lane used Mark Brown's voiceover on a very sensitive topic. We suggested this format for a video as Mark speaks very well and with great compassion about his work. He recorded the audio on his iPhone and sent it to us via email; that night, we had this video ready for him. Talk about a fast turnaround time!


It's Time for You to Harness the Power of Video

It is easier than you think to make these kinds of videos! You can do many of these for yourself—or better yet, you can hire a company like Foster Web Marketing to do it for you quickly and professionally. We offer video production, editing, optimization, and coaching. Call us at 888-886-0939 or fill out the contact form on this page, and let's get started on your video project right away!