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Are You Looking For Turn-Key Web Marketing Services?

We Want To Be Your Web Partner

Foster Web Marketing is all about helping our clients achieve results online. Sometimes this takes time, and it isn’t simple, easy, fast, or cheap. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

We respect our clients and understand their business. We are a true web marketing partner in every sense of the word. FWM is a turn-key web solution provider that does absolutely everything for our clients. Just for starters:

  • We provide an in-depth analysis of existing websites.
  • We tell you honestly what works and what doesn’t work.
  • We design your website to your unique specification while staying within the necessary parameters for success.
  • We write your content to be effectively optimized for search engines. We position you be found on Google.
  • We provide an easy-to-use tool to make imperative updates to your website 
  • We train you how to use this tool. Then we train you again. If you still have trouble getting the job done, we will do it for you.
  • We advise you on new technologies and teach you tips and tricks.

Get it? We actually care about your success. After all, if you aren’t getting business from your website, we won’t have your business for very long.

Give us a call, or complete our contact form, request a site analysis. Work with us; we want to work with you and make you successful…

We Want To Work With You!

If you prefer to spend YOUR web marketing dollars on a:

  • high quality
  • proven effective 
  • easily updatable
  • current technology 
  • content-rich
  • and (most importantly) a website that drives prospects to contact YOU!

Good, we speak the same language. Foster Web Marketing has been creating successful websites for lawyers, doctors, and other business leaders for over ten years. See some of our testimonials for yourself.

Website Design

Website design is the keystone of Foster Web Marketing’s program. We help doctors, attorneys, and other professionals gain the edge they need through effective, high quality, custom websites optimized for search engine results. Let us help you convert visitors into contacts...and contacts into clients.

Manage Your Own Website with DSS

Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) is a proprietary content management program designed and developed by Foster Web Marketing and tailored to the needs of small and medium business owners. Through DSS, you now have unprecedented hands-on access to vital information on your website, with the ability to add, delete, and modify blog posts, case results, news, publications, biographies, frequently asked questions, and much more—in real time, and on your own time.

Video Production

The Internet has changed what clients expect of their potential doctors, lawyers, and other highly skilled professional consultants. If you want to be successful—now and in the future—you must embrace online video. It is really easy to create a video, put it on your website, and then optimize it in YouTube, Google, and Yahoo to attract the clients you want. Forster Web Marketing does all of this for you, or we can help you do it yourself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to smash your competition!

Search Engine Optimization

Gaining new clients, patients, customers, or cases through your business website doesn't involve just one secret. There are many. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website's ability to be discovered naturally by the search engines. The best way to do this for any website is to have content that can be discovered. Step One of all SEO is based on providing compelling content.

Custom Content

Writing content can be overwhelming, especially given the volume of content that you should be adding to your website on a regular basis. Want some good news? We provide web content for lawyers, doctors, and other skilled professionals. We have an experienced team of writers and editors who are ready to help you produce amazing, high-quality content customized to your clients' and customers' interests.

Mobile Websites

Your online marketing efforts are not complete until you've tamed the mobile universe. Get the attention of your potential and current clients with a stylish, unique mobile business website or with a skillfully designed and thoughtful smartphone app. You'll leave your competition in the dust!

Social Media

As a entrepreneur in a competitive business sector, do you understand the value of social media? Are you taking time out of your day to network online? Do you know that your potential clients and customers are checking you out online? Make sure they are getting the right message. Get our FREE guides on social media marketing to point you in the right direction!

Paid Online Advertising

Google Adwords can be an expensive and poor investment of your marketing dollars if you don't know what you are doing. You can waste a lot of money on keywords that don't provide a good return on investment. Both time and expertise are essential to effectively run a Google Adwords campaign that will provide the lead generation your business needs. At Foster Web Marketing, we advocate using pay-per-click campaigns in combination with your organic content. Adding informative content that is relevant to your business focus is the foundation for everything. Promoting that content and adding a compelling offer is the next step in your online dominance.

Professional Book Writing

Do you want to convert more prospects into clients? Do you want to build credibility and stand out from your competitors? Then you need to have your own book. Foster Web Marketing offers a book writing service where a published author will write your book for you. Call us today at 888.886.0939 for more information.

Marketing Education & Training

Are you looking to create a profitable web marketing campaign and need some training? You have come to the right place. We provide education, training and more for attorneys, doctors, and service professionals in all fields. Whether you are a do-it-yourself kind of person or someone who wants more assistance, you'll find what you need on our website.

Marketing Philosophy

Not having time to market your business is not a good excuse to let it completely fall by the wayside. When you work with Foster Web Marketing, we can jump right in to meet your needs—anything from doing all the heavy lifting to just giving you a helping hand. We can get your amazing website up and running, develop a rock-solid SEO plan, write engaging content that converts, and set you up for success when it comes to retaining clients.