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Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) is a Website Content Management & Inbound Marketing Tool for Professionals to Reach & Retain Their Perfect Clients!

Why Hire a Website Designer, Developer, IT Consultant and SEO Team When You Can Get Everything You Need to Dominate The Internet in One Online Marketing Tool!

Dynamic Self-Syndication Demo

For a doctor, an attorney, or any other highly skilled professional, it can be frustrating to realize how much time and effort it takes to make a website successful. It all seems easy enough at first; after all, anybody can get a website up in a day, right?

Then you realize you have to host that website somewhere. Then you need changes made—and somebody has to do that, too. Then maybe you have security issues, especially if you’re using a free website service. Or the spam you’re getting is out of control. SEO consultants are popping up out of the woodwork offering to get you on page 1 in 3.67 seconds. Pretty soon you’re ready to throw in the towel. Whom can you trust?


Take Control of Your Business Website Content Management & Online Marketing with Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™)! 

We created Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) for business owners and managers just like you: people who want a robust website that they can control and make changes to themselves. DSS is backed by a dedicated team of website developers, information technology managers, business SEO experts, and Internet marketing gurus whose mission is to make it easy for you to dominate online.

Want a Demonstration of DSS?

DSS is the heart and soul of Foster Web Marketing, and is truly what sets us apart from other SEO and small business web design companies.

Key Benefits of Using DSS, the Best Web Marketing Software for Lawyers, Doctors, and Other Professionals:

  • Contact Management:
    • Import, export, add and edit your contacts, clients and prospects
    • Tag contacts for easy to sort and email lists
    • Create and send email broadcasts and email newsletters
    • Automate follow-up sequences and marketing campaigns
    • Create and edit web forms with custom fields
    • Plus so much more
  • Add content at any time. It is easy to add your own content, and we make it simple for you to add keyword-rich URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and page content to your site. We even have a built-in folder structure based on your site’s practice areas that lets you group similar content together.
  • Quickly and easily update your content. Need to update a page? Does your web content writing service provider want to optimize your page titles, headlines, or meta descriptions? All he needs is a DSS login!
  • Built-in blog right on your site. There's no longer any need to maintain a separate website to have a blog. We have all the features and functionality of a blog built right into your site!
  • Need to delete a page? No problem!  You can quickly delete content that is no longer relevant—and we give you an easy way to create a “301 redirect” to another page on your site. This means that your deleted page won’t cause a 404 page error for the search engines. This is just one of the many legal SEO features built in to DSS.
  • Create well-curated content to engage your visitors. So you’ve heard that the search engines reward sites with well-curated content. Don’t rely on websites built on a basic blog platform. DSS creates a folder structure for you—based on your business areas and any other categories you wish to create—to keep similar content together. This allows your site to display a rich selection of targeted, relevant content when a visitor is on an internal page of your site.
  • Analytics for every page on your site. Never again wonder if a page on your site is getting traffic. In DSS, we have analytics built right in so you can see the page visits, time on page, bounce rate and other key metrics without having to install any codes or use confusing analytical tools. We give you the information you need to optimize every page of your website.
  • Easily add free offers to your site to improve conversion. DSS has built in functionality so you can add as many free offers to your website as you want. Since all of our sites are designed to display your offers attractively, you can tailor many books, reports, DVDs, CDs, pamphlets or other offers for each business area.
  • Built-in follow-up campaigns. Do you have a book, report, DVD or other offer for visitors to your website? We let you easily set up and manage a follow-up email campaign for every offer on your site! Don’t let valuable contacts slip away—and like all of these other great features, we don’t charge extra for this.
  • Immediate lead notification. Leads are precious, but often time-sensitive. DSS is designed to send you or somebody in your office an email or text message every time you get a lead from your website. Now you can astonish your potential clients with how responsive you are by contacting them as soon as they complete a form on your site!
  • Know where your contacts are coming from. Our contact log shows you details about where your contacts came from, what search engine and keywords they used, and what forms they filled out. We even capture information from live chat and toll-free number providers so you get a complete picture of your online marketing efforts.
  • Create and manage a newsletter in DSS. While we’re on the subject of nurturing your leads, do you have a newsletter? Using DSS, you can create a newsletter populated with links to content on your site, and then send the newsletter to your contact list. The best part about sending out newsletters that link back to your website? You drive up the return visitors to your site, a metric that will help signal to the search engines that your site contains valuable content.
  • Easily add and manage videos on your site. We’ve partnered with an industry-leading video encoding provider so you can upload a variety of different video formats to DSS and have them play on any page of your site. Promotional videos have become hugely influential in search results, and you can easily create a rich library of video content for your site visitors. We even integrate with YouTube so you can send your videos right from DSS to your YouTube channel!
  • Unlimited user accounts in DSS. Other web companies may restrict the number of accounts they’ll let you have to edit your site—if you can edit your site at all. At FWM, we play by more generous rules. You can have as many users as you need, and we’re always happy to provide training to your new employees or even any consultants you’ve hired to help with your marketing or SEO.
  • Accessibility. Our developers are passionate about accessibility, and develop sites with sight-impaired users in mind.
  • Connect with other users in our DSS Forum. DSS has its own built-in forum, so you can look for answers to your questions or post a question of your own.
  • Join our engaging DSS User Group. Our DSS User Group meets once a month and is open to all of our clients. You can join, or you can send your marketing manager or assistant to the meetings to ask questions or suggest topics. As a company committed to educational marketing, we put a premium on showing our clients how to succeed with regular webinars and user group meetings.
  • Dynamic mobile websites. Our mobile business websites display the SAME content as your main site, something that search engines like to see. You don’t have to do anything to maintain your mobile site; any update you make to your main site through DSS will be reflected on the mobile site immediately.

Why FWM and Why DSS?

What really sets DSS apart from other website content management for lawyers solutuons is that DSS by Foster Web Marketing offers you so much more. Over the last few years we’ve made significant investments in DSS, in our website architecture, and in our Customer Service department—all to give you the best online marketing experience at a competitive pricepoint.

  • We don’t nickel and dime you. All the updates and improvements we make to DSS are available to every user, no matter what plan you’re on with us. We don’t make you pay for special features or extra users.
  • Responsive, personal customer service—at no additional cost. Surprised that other companies charge you to make changes to your site or fix bugs? Not here. You can easily contact our Customer Service team via a dedicated customer phone number or by opening a ticket right in DSS.
  • We stay on top of code and SEO changes, so you don’t have to. Our in-house developers work closely with our search engine optimization team to ensure that DSS and your website take advantage of the latest and greatest coding and SEO techniques. We have a streamlined development process so we’re able to react quickly to changes in the online landscape. Our development team takes great pride in their work, and they're always looking for ways to improve our websites and our online performance.
  • Our developers are local employees, not contractors in another country. All of our development is done here in the United States, the majority of it right in our Fairfax, Virginia office. This means we spend a lot more money developing and maintaining DSS and your website than if we outsourced, but we think it’s worth it to have complete control over every aspect of our system and websites.
  • Software upgrades can be risky—but not for FWM clients. When we need to make bug fixes or apply major changes to DSS or your website, we have a team that thoroughly tests to ensure that your site is working properly. You don’t have to worry that a software patch or upgrade will ruin your site and cost you big bucks to fix.
  • Nobody makes code changes to your site except us. We never give access to the code on your website to outside companies, so you don’t have to worry that the SEO consultant you hired will mess something up and then disappear. We take full responsibility for the integrity of the code on your site, and if you ever need a change that can’t be handled through DSS one of our in-house developers will do it for you.

Don’t leave your website in the hands of amateurs or impersonal website hosting companies. Trust Foster Web Marketing and our unique Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) product. We are truly dedicated to your success.

Danielle B. Ruderman
Chief Marketing Officer at Foster Web Marketing