Pay-per-click advertising (also referred to as cost-per-click advertising) is a form of online marketing in which you only pay when a user clicks on your link. This can be very cost-effective, and some companies have seen traffic increases of 250% or more using pay-per-click advertising. If you want to incorporate pay-per-click advertising into your attorney search engine marketing campaign, but aren’t sure whether it is really worth it for your law office, here is a little guidance.  

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Worth It?
Well, truth be told, it’s only worth it if you are able to do it right. At Foster Web Marketing, we certainly encourage you to get involved with pay-per-click services like Google AdWords, and we know it can be a great tool to help you reach more potential clients. However, it can also be a huge waste of money if you don’t do it right.

Effective pay-per-click advertising hinges on the appropriate use of keywords, and that takes a lot of care, attention, and research. If you can manage highly relevant keywords properly, then a Google Adwords campaign can go a long way toward bringing in potential clients who are looking for exactly what you provide. If you can’t manage your keywords very well, then you will not likely bring in many potential clients, or will only bring in users who have no need for your services.
If you need a hand managing your pay-per-click marketing, speak with us today at 1-888-866-0939. Our attorney search engine marketing experts are up-to-date on the best online marketing tactics, and we have the experience and support you need to make the most of them. For more information, request your FREE copy of The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make with Their Websites.
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