Alexus Foster

Alexus Foster

Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 315A Cameron St, STE A Alexandria, VA 22314
  • 571-290-4721

Professional Experience

During her undergraduate experience at Bard College, Alexus began her professional introduction into the nonprofit space by leading a project where students from Bard worked in partnership with a STEAM-based nonprofit in Jakmel, Haiti, to provide summer classes to Haitian students. It was in this partnership that she met a network of amazingly talented individuals, and also discovered another passion of hers: Website Management. This professional relationship blossomed, and she began managing the websites for the nonprofit and her personal brand. Upon graduating, she had a brief introduction to industrial sales before finding her way back to marketing and SEO and joining the team at Foster.

Learn More About Alexus

Surrounded by music from a very young age, Alexus has always had an affinity for it and loves to share her music with friends. In her free time, she enjoys producing, songwriting, and playing the piano. She’s been implementing a performance art called live coding, where she live codes audio-reactive images during performances, and hopes to find more spaces where she can share her passion for both coding and music creation.

Interesting Fact

In her free time, Alexus enjoys practicing circus arts such as aerial silks, trapeze, and aerial poles. She enjoys the weightless feeling of performing drops and the adrenaline rush of performing. She hopes to one day find a flying trapeze class near her so that she may soar through the sky.