Jamie Kelly

Jamie Kelly

Jamie Kelly

Director of Marketing Services
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  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 10555 Main Street #470A Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • 571-290-4721

Jamie joined Foster in early 2014. With several years of experience in the SEO field, he brings a diverse background of technical and client-relation skills to Foster’s SEO team.

Professional Experience

Jamie attended James Madison University, where he received a B.A. in English literature and a minor in writing and rhetoric. On the winding road that led him to the field of search engine optimization—and, eventually, Foster Web Marketing—he worked as a sports journalist, wrote proposals for a government consulting agency, and managed data and client relationships at a law firm. From this array of experiences Jamie has learned that the most important skill in any environment is the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Rock climbing in Great Falls

Learn More About Jamie

A Virginia native, Jamie loves the outdoors. Whether it's rock climbing at Great Falls, camping on the Appalachian Trail, or skiing throughout the Mid-Atlantic, he’s always ready for adventure. Jamie also loves traveling the world with his wife Kim, reading all the books, and playing video games.

What You Might Find Interesting About Jamie

Jamie brews his own beer and would love to share some with you. He also enjoys talking about books he’s read, books you should read, and is actively seeking new members for his “Beers and Books Club” (current membership: 1).