Lindsey Daher

Lindsey Daher

Lindsey Daher

Director of Content Operations
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Lindsey Daher joined the Foster Web Marketing team in 2012 and is our Director of Content Operations.

Professional Experience

Lindsey studied at Concord University and graduated with a BA in Business Administration and Marketing.

Prior to joining Foster Web Marketing, she worked in the Golf division of Ralph Lauren and represented the company at PGA events. By partnering with the United States Golf Association, she worked to provide a consistent branding message, including coordination of uniforms, tent merchandise, and fixtures for the US Open. She managed relationships with international accounts, brings a wealth of client relations experience to the table and is pro at multitasking and managing multiple projects with ease.

She believes the road to success is trying, but that you can only reach your goals and dreams by relentlessly reinventing yourself, sharpening your focus, and learning from your mistakes.

Learn More About Lindsey

Lindsey was born and raised in West Virginia and grew up with a love for the outdoors. She enjoys traveling in the United States and internationally, snow skiing, hiking—anything involving the great outdoors.

What You Might Find Interesting About Lindsey

Lindsey works with a non-profit ministry called “Luz Project,” which is a non-profit organization focused on spreading, sharing, and shining the “Luz” (light) to poverty-stricken areas of Alagoas, Brazil.