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Professional Experience

In 2015, Maisy joined the team as a bright-eyed pup. In a way, she’s grown up at Foster Web Marketing HQ. Not only does she boost morale around the office, but she’s also Tom’s sidekick—she follows him pretty much everywhere he goes. A loyal companion and employee, Maisy makes it known that we can always come to her for a belly scratch. Well, we give the scratches, but we’re happy to do it.

Learn More About Maisy

Maisy is very docile, calm, and playful. She really does have empathy, and she’ll comfort you if you need it. When you’re upset, she senses it, sits next to you, and looks up longingly. When she’s off-duty, you’ll often find her lounging on the couch; usually a pillow or two have been knocked off—more room for her, we think. If you ever pay a visit to FWM headquarters, be sure to ask for Maisy, that is, if she doesn’t trot out to greet you first.

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