Get to Know Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Trent Semler

Trent Semler

Trent Semler

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 10555 Main Street #470A Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • 571-290-4721

Trent joined the Foster Web Marketing team in March 2020 as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist.

Professional Experience

Trent attended Stevenson University in Maryland and graduated with a BS in Visual Communication with a strong concentration in human psychology. Upon graduation, Trent began working for Noventri, a digital signage company serving well-known clients (such as Marriott, Chick Fil'A and Fenway Park) nationwide. He soon was promoted to Art Director, managing a team of designers to provide clients with everything from fully-designed digital menus to interactive touch-screen meeting room systems.

After five years of professional design, programming, and management experience, Trent wanted to further hone his skills in marketing and web development in order to be able to help clients with not only great design, but also lead generation. He accepted a position at Power Marketing as Digital Marketing Specialist, creating award-winning websites and helping customers get traffic and leads through SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing strategies. 

One of his favorite parts about his day-to-day is knowing that he's helping people grow and be successful, having a positive impact on small business owners' lives and families.

Learn More about Trent

With his background in both design and marketing, Trent understands the full process of lead generation from landing, nurturing, converting, and 'wowing' customers. He lets data lead the way in his decision making and can easily 'kill' a day digging through client data and results to make his next set of decisions.

Trent lives in Hedgesville, WV, with his wife, baby boy Trent and dog Pixel! In his spare time, he enjoys just about anything that takes place outdoors — from hiking, kayaking, hunting, rock climbing and swimming to splitting wood, landscaping and digging holes. He also enjoys traveling with and cooking for his family and spending time with them in general. If he's trapped indoors, he likes to read, watch political commentary or play video games.

What You Might Find Interesting About Trent

Trent wears sandals year round in a (futile) attempt to bring Spring sooner and extend Summer longer. He doesn't dislike Winter but prefers the months in which he can overload on Vitamin D — which he says is the most important vitamin (although he is not a doctor and you shouldn't take any medical advice from him).

At one point in his life, he was programming / designing his own PC video game, doing everything from programming artificial intelligence to composing the soundtrack. Did it get finished? Nope. Was it fun to work on? Yes. Was it any good? Probably not— but feel free to ask him for a demo and decide for yourself.

Trent and his wife enjoy helping businesses in their local community of Martinsburg, WV with website design and marketing in an attempt to grow and improve the community.

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