Create Compelling Offers That Your Perfect Client Must Have

Who doesn’t like to receive something for free? That is why you see vendors at trade shows and conferences ready and willing to give away freebies, ranging from pens to t-shirts. Consumers will then load up their bags with these free offers, even though they may not need the item.

Free offers are enticing—and hard to resist. That is the exact reason why you need a free offer on your website. You need to create something that is going to stop a Web visitor in his or her tracks and make this person think, “I think I should order a free copy of this book. I bet it has some information that would be useful to my situation.” In exchange for your item, you will want to ask for the Web visitor’s name, telephone number, email address, and postal address.

The best free offers are books, reports, DVDs, CDs or mobile phone apps. However, no matter what type of offer you decide to create and promote on your website, it is important that it answers the Web visitor’s questions, explains the solution to a problem, or provides some type of benefit to the person ordering it. As far as books are concerned, a great topic would be the steps necessary to solve a particular problem or the top questions asked regarding a particular topic.

Now that iPads, iPhones, Droids, and other mobile devices are so popular, a mobile application can be especially useful. If you are a lawyer who represents car accident cases, you might want to consider a mobile app that helps people stay organized after the incident and tracks their medical expenses and lost wages. What is especially great about a mobile app is that it stays in front of the person. Every time this prospective client uses his or her mobile device, your name will be right there, reminding the potential client of your helpfulness and expertise.

Free offers need to be designed well. The item offered should have a perceived value. Some businesses have even made the decision to put a price on the back of a book to show the value, even though it was offered for free.

Creating a free offer doesn’t have to be difficult. If you go the route of developing a book, think about all of the things your clients ask and compile an outline with this information. Then, set aside time every day to work on your book. To make things even easier, you might want to consider carrying a digital recorder. Whenever you have an available moment, dictate parts of your book. You can pay someone to transcribe it for you. All you would have to do at that point is to edit it into a readable book.

Of course, there is always the option of hiring someone to create your free offer for you. At Foster Web Marketing, we have great ghostwriters, designers, and mobile app developers who can help you create an amazing product. Contact us to learn more about how to create enticing offers for your Web visitors.

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