A bad review makes you sick to the stomach. You work hard and do your best for each person, so it’s disheartening when a past client gives you a low score on a major search engine such as Yelp, Bing or Google. Even if the review is not entirely truthful, you know it will still affect potential clients’ decision to give you a call.

You may be tempted to delete a bad review or post your own content to counteract a bad score. Don’t! The New York State Attorney General’s office recently fined 19 search engine optimization companies for falsifying online reviews. The temptation to create a better image for their company overwhelms many in the legal business as well. Have you ever been tempted to use these phony tactics to boost your company’s ratings?

A Phony Attorney:

  • Bribes clients into writing positive content
  • Writes ghost content he or she wants clients to say
  • Only posts part of the story
  • Includes misleading information
  • Deletes truthful but negative feedback on search engines

A Five-Star Attorney:

  • Encourages real clients to share their stories, including both the positives and negatives
  • Takes negative feedback to heart and makes changes as necessary
  • Strives for accuracy and honesty on his or her site
  • Relies on real customer reviews to bring in new clients

A phony attorney may get the initial consultation, but the client will quickly see through the thin disguise, further ruining the lawyer’s reputation. A five-star attorney doesn’t have to resort to such dishonest tactics. If you’re struggling to make the most of your good reviews, you may just need a little help optimizing your site. The skilled team at Foster Web Marketing strives to help lawyers boost their SEO ratings with honesty and accuracy. To see how we can help you improve your site, call 888.886.0939 today.

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