The pulse of your Google AdWords campaign is weak. It limps along, getting one or two clicks a week. The bad news is that your campaign may be suffering from LCTRS. The good news is that there is a cure.

Treatment Options for LCTRS

If you suspect that your Google AdWords campaign is suffering, try some of the following at-home remedies:

  • Select better and more targeted keywords. People may not be seeing your ads if your keywords are too general. Try to target your keywords by forming them around your location, areas of practice, and common client needs.
  • Group your ads correctly. In order to be effective, you need to group your ads. If you offer legal services for car accident victims, injured workers, and children bitten by dogs, group each of these ads separately.
  • Improve your ad. Your ad should have a catchy, interesting title and intriguing subtext. Keep the text short, and ensure that it offers something for clicking on the ad. Make the design of the ad simple, and let your words shine.
  • Check your geo targeting. Your ads should be seen only by prospective clients in your targeted areas, which should consist of the counties, cities, and boroughs where your ideal clients live. If you haven't narrowed down your target locations, you are casting to broad a net, and your ad will not be as effective as you need it to be.  

If your treatment efforts are successful, you will see your CTR increasing. This means that, for the moment, the health of your Google AdWords campaign is improving. However, it may not be out of the woods just yet.

Be sure to check back to see if the changes you made are improving your CTR. Continue to tweak your ad and ad settings, and you will soon have a healthy PPC ad campaign. 

For more advice on the best ways to manage your attorney Google AdWords campaign, call 888.886.0939. Our attorney marketing team can help ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollar.

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