Understanding Your Bounce Rate: What Does It Mean for Law Firm Websites?

Web Analytics Can Be Confusing

We know that they are important, but it still doesn't change the fact that analytics are just a bit hard to understand. Confusing or not, web analytics are key in tracking how well your website is doing so that you can make the necessary updates needed to improve. 

One important part of web analytics is the bounce rate. According to Google, “bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits compared to visitors who view more than one page of a website.”

Wait, what? Can you explain “What is a bounce rate?” in normal terms?

Simply put, bounce rate is a way to measure whether or not the pages your visitors reach are actually relevant to what they searched for.

For example, if a person performs a search for "car accident attorney in Houston" and the landing page they reach is all about estate planning, chances are that visitor is going to leave the site, making that bounce rate 100%. But since there is more than one visitor to your site (we hope!), the bounce rate fluctuates based on the number of visitors, the number of pages they visit, and how long they stay on your site. 

A Good Bounce Rate

I'm sure your next question is “What is a good bounce rate to make as my target?” Good question, but as with most analytic questions, there is really no good answer. In the legal industry, you want your website visitors to stay on your site as long as it takes them to make a proactive step toward contacting you, whether that means ordering your book or special report or filling out the contact form. 

If that visitor in need of a Houston car accident lawyer we mentioned earlier lands on a relevant blog post which eventually invites them to order your book, then chances are they only need to visit two pages of your site before picking up the phone and making an appointment. On the flip side, if that same visitor is instead skeptical about hiring an attorney and they just want information, you would hope that your pages are written in the right way so that their attention is kept and they want to view other pages on your site.

While these two scenarios have the potential to produce two very different bounce rates, and contribute very differently to your site's overall bounce rate, one thing remains constant: the need for well-written, relevant content. Log in to your Google Analytics (FWM clients can do this right through DSS!) and browse through your pages’ bounce rates. Anything in red shows the need for drastic improvement.

Still not sure what you are looking for or how to comprehend it? Let the attorney web marketing experts Foster Web Marketing walk you through all of your Google Analytics and create a plan to improve all of your rankings. Call us toll-free at 888-886-0939, email us, live chat with us, or fill out our online form and start the process today. 

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