We’ll be honest – there are huge pros and huge cons to attorney pay-per-click advertising. Online marketing through Google Adwords and other search engine advertising programs can be great or horrible – all depending on your approach. However, for this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the four major benefits of pay-per-click marketing for lawyers: 

  • Attorney PPC advertising is targeted marketing. When you put an ad in a newspaper or on television, you pay for a general audience to look at it. When you buy keywords from a search engine company, you are only showing your ad to those who are likely looking for a lawyer or legal information. Pay-per-click advertising can seem expensive, but that is often because you are only showing you ads to those who have a high chance of wanting your legal services.
  • Attorney PPC advertising can have fast results. We believe that traditional search engine optimization through high-quality content is the best way to market your attorney website. However, we also understand that this avenue can take months or years – and that it can come with significant cost. With pay-per-click advertising, you can get traffic coming to your website much, much faster.
  • Attorney PPC advertising can be designed to fit your budget. Whether you want to spend significant money on pay-per-click marketing or only have a fraction of your marketing budget to invest, you can find an advertising plan that fits your budget. Not to mention that you can set maximum bids on your keywords and change your budget as you go.
  • Attorney PPC advertising can concentrate on where you are located. One of the issues with online attorney advertising is that many law firms only practice in small geographic areas. While many other types of online marketing involve unnecessary national and international campaigns, targeted PPC marketing lets you focus on a region, a state, a city, or even a neighborhood.

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Atul Sharma 02/25/2022 06:19 AM
I completely agree with all the points you have mentioned above.
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