Be Polite: Include a Proper “Thank You” Page in Your Website Design

Congratulations! Someone has given you their contact information. Now what? You need to say “thank you!” Here are some web design tips on the right way to say thanks with your website’s “thank you” page. 

Your “thank you” page should:

  • Have a navigation menu so visitors can decide where to go next. Otherwise, you have abandoned them on a page that they can’t leave.
  • Keep visitors on your site. Sending visitors to another site will cause them to lose trust in you. 
  • Thank the visitor and deliver the content you offered.
  • Feature social buttons to encourage them to keep up with your business.
  • Include a “bonus” gift/link that relates to the offer. For example, you might offer your most popular blog posts, FAQs, or a video. Another idea is to include an extra download that complements the download the visitor just signed up for.
  • Make it clear if they will be receiving newsletters or other emails in the future.

Following these suggestions for your website’s “thank you” page will leave your visitors with a great final impression of you and your firm.

Want to learn more about creating a client-focused website that makes both users and search engines happy? Reach out to our friendly attorney website design team today at 888-886-0939.

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