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Smart lawyers use every available resource to get the cases they want. As technology advances and mobile Web use skyrockets, iPhone and Android apps are increasingly more effective ways to convert potential clients into actual cases.

Should I Create a Mobile App?

In 2011, the 10 billionth app was downloaded from Apple’s app store—and the impact of apps is only expected to keep increasing. In fact, the download count hit 25 billion in March 2012.

So why should you jump onto the bandwagon? For the same reason that you have a Web page: It’s the wave of the future. Not only that, but having a mobile app:

  • Brands your law firm. Believe it or not, you are a brand. You need to create awareness about your law practice and who you are as an attorney. A mobile application gives you the opportunity to create greater visibility and strengthen your brand.
  • Gives you access to a growing market. All signs are pointing to the continuous growth of the mobile market. Many people are relying more heavily on their smartphones than they are on their PCs and laptops. A mobile application will help you stay in front of mobile users.
  • Engages your prospects. By developing a mobile application that provides helpful tools and information, you are going above and beyond for your potential clients. You are actually able to engage them.
  • Keeps you in your clients’ minds. The competition is fierce within the legal field. Your past, present and future clients are presented with countless lawyer advertisements and websites. A mobile application keeps you directly in their mind, even when they forget about all of the other lawyers. Think about it this way: Every time someone grabs his or her mobile phone, you will be right in front of him or her.
  • Is just really cool. How many attorneys can claim to have their own mobile application? Not many. It is just one more way that you can stand out from the crowd of competing law firms.

Why Would Someone Want to Download My App?

The average user has approximately 88 apps downloaded onto his or her smartphone. What makes them choose one app over another, and why would someone want to download your app? The answer is simple: Because it provides helpful information that they can’t find elsewhere.

In order to create an app worth downloading, you need to focus on your potential clients.

  • What kinds of questions do they have?
  • What do they need help with?
  • What kinds of problems do you see most commonly?

Use this inside information to help you create an app that is useful to your potential clients.

Helping Clients at the Scene of an Accident

What if you created an app that people in your community could download on their phones and on their family member's phones in case they were involved in an accident? You could make an app for construction workers that focuses on on-the-job accidents, or you could target drivers with an auto accident app. You could even focus on your niche markets, making an app specifically for truck drivers, motorcycle riders, maritime workers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some things that could be integrated into your app:

  • Call 911
  • Locate the nearest hospital
  • Capture details about the accident with a form that the victim fills out
  • Store videos and pictures of the accident scene
  • Offer resources and tips for people who are injured
  • Capture recorded details about the accident, so all the victim has to do is talk
  • Call a cab or tow truck
  • Call YOU for help!

Helping Clients Keep Track of Their Cases After an Accident

Think about your current clients who are trying to keep track of all their bills and information related to their cases. You could create an app to help them stay on top of their cases and would make their lives so much easier. It might even make your life easier as well if they start to keep all of the information you need from them in one place. Again, you could customize the app for your workers' comp, auto accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice clients and more.

Here are some ideas for a smartphone app that you can give your current clients:

  • Track doctor appointments
  • Track medical bills and total cost
  • Track pharmacy and prescription info related to the crash
  • Track rehabilitation, physical therapy, or other care and services related to the accident
  • Track lost wages
  • Record a message to send to you, their attorney

Help Multilingual Clients

If you serve clients who speak different languages, consider creating apps which target these groups. Imagine how useful an app in Chinese, Spanish, Russian, or Korean could be for your clients!

Whether or not someone will download your app depends on its features and benefits. Your application must have features that will be useful to your target market. If it does, and if you advertise your mobile application appropriately, people will want to download it. Anytime someone contacts your law firm, send him or her a link to your mobile application. Your prospects will be impressed, to say the least! Also, don't forget about your current clients. You can offer your mobile application as a tool to help them with their case.

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