Create a Better User Experience with These Four Simple Attorney Website Design Tips

It’s the simple things that count. If your website isn’t providing what your clients are looking for, or if it’s simply showing its age, it may be time for a redesign with your potential customers in mind. Modern web users have much higher expectations for business websites than they did even five years ago, and it no longer makes sense to maintain an attorney website that doesn’t meet your potential clients’ needs. If you want your website to really work for your law firm in the current online environment, you have to first make sure that it’s really working for your clients. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to get started.

Four Simple Things You Can Do to Create a Better Online Experience for Your Potential Clients

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when you’re working toward a more user-friendly attorney website:

  1. Maintain a professional appearance. Your website should be an extension of your real-life professionalism. Your attorney website design should be easy on the eyes, full of high-quality images and elements, and incorporate a logo and color scheme that is similar to your other marketing materials. 
  2. Display your contact information prominently. One of the reasons current and potential clients visit your site is simply to find your contact information. Include your phone number, address, and directions on each of your landing pages, and don’t forget to also add your contact information to videos and articles. 
  3. Make navigation easy. Your potential clients won’t stick around if your site is impossible to navigate. Make sure that it’s easy to find the most important information, the menus and buttons are easy to use, and users can navigate easily from any device they use to access your page. 
  4. Add relevant content. Many potential clients come to your page with questions about their legal circumstances. Keeping your site updated with relevant and informative content helps you reach out to potential clients, ease their fears, and connect them with the information they need to take the next steps—all before they’ve even met with you in person. 

Creating an effective lawyer website is all about providing a great experience for the potential clients who find you. The talented attorney website design team with Foster Web Marketing would be happy to talk with you about creating a better web experience for your visitors and making your ideas a reality. Just give us a call today at 1-888-886-0939 for immediate answers to your questions, or simply fill out the convenient online contact form on this page to learn more!

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