Here's How FWM Helped One Law Firm Gain International Media Attention

Brian Beckcom is an attorney with VB Attorneys. He has been a client for five years and has long embraced our marketing principals. In fact, VB Attorneys is our biggest client. So, while it wasn't a surprise to hear from Brian on a Friday night, what he had to say was a surprise. "I'm going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow. Can you help?"

Two and a half years ago, Brian had signed nine of the crewmembers from the Maersk Alabama. They alleged that the company they work for, Maersk, didn't protect them as they should have. The story of the case against the shipping giant didn't make headlines until the movie that depicts the hijacking, Captain Phillips, was about to premiere. This is when we got the call from Brian and the media whirlwind kicked into high gear.

The Best Move Brian Made

Asking for help was the best move Brian could have made. He is a busy attorney and doesn't have the time to do everything needed to launch a breaking news/PR campaign for his law firm. And, even if he had the time, he doesn't have the specific skillset that would allow him to leverage himself in the way we did. 

Brian on Good Morning AmericaBrian recognized that he was in a position to gain more attention from this case and this movie than he ever thought possible. But he had no idea how to proceed and how to make the most of his 15 minutes of fame. After all, he's a lawyer, not a marketing expert.

Together, we were able to position Brain as an authority and make the most of the Captain Phillips story. This is how we did it:

  1. Design and maintain a top-notch website. If VB Attorneys had a crummy site, no video, and lousy content, then there is little chance any national news agency would have paid much attention to Brian or the law firm. Only by positioning himself as a skilled maritime attorney with on-camera abilities was he able to garner this type of attention. They have been our clients since 2008, and it shows.
  2. Have an easy-to-use website maintenance program. By using DSS, our team was able to quickly and seamlessly add a practice area for the Captain Phillips traffic, along with supporting articles and videos.
  3. Write and publish a press release. This step was crucial to the success of the campaign. If the press release contained mistakes or hadn't been distributed well, it would have seriously impeded the progress of the campaign.
  4. Launch a social media campaign. Social media is a key component to any media blitz. We took over the VB Attorneys social media accounts and began posting daily about the movie and the law firm's role in the story. In addition, we linked out to news—both print and video—that featured Brian.
  5. Shoot and promote videos. Brian came into our studio to shoot videos about the Captain Phillips case. He also brought one of his clients—a crewmember from the Maersk Alabama—who spoke on camera. These videos will show why so many of the crewmembers hired Brian, and the impact of the videos will last long after the Captain Phillips buzz has died down.   

But what you really want to hear is if the media campaign was successful. Yes. Because of the attention the firm gained from the Captain Phillips exposure, Brian's partner, Vuc Vujasinovic, has signed two huge, out-of-state cases.

Want Your Time in the Media Sun?

Then get busy now. Build your law firm an easy-to-use, beautiful site. Shoot and promote high-quality informational and promotional videos. Build a social media following. Comb news sites for stories that fit within your practice areas. Strike when the iron is hot.

This sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But we can help. We can do what we do best—building attorneys' brands and promoting law firms—while you do what you do best and represent the interests of your clients. Call 888-886-0939 to learn more about how our attorney PR experts (link to new PA, PR/Media) can help you come out on top the next time big news hits.

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