Google+ Wants to Lower Your Mobile Bounce Rate


With more and more people searching the web from their smart phones, mobile sites have become an imperative compliment to any website. But before having your mobile site created, or before you do anything to your existing mobile site, check out this important announcement from Google.

The mega search engine just announced that they have developed a new code that can be embedded into your mobile site by your webmaster, which will allow users to better find articles related to what they are searching for and to their search history. Certain aspects of Google+ and Google Search will be utilized to allow the code to provide users with Google-recommended articles from the same site they are on (yours). 

Google+ Product Manager Mario Anima explains it best: “When you help someone find a great article on your site, you’re not only making them happier, you’re inspiring deeper engagement and loyalty,” he said. “That’s why today, we’re bringing together elements of Google+ and Google Search to suggest the right content from your mobile website, at just the right time.”

From a legal marketing standpoint, we all know that deeper engagement and loyalty translate into book or special report orders and contact forms, which in turn lead to clients. But this new Google+ feature will also help lower your mobile site’s bounce rate at the same time, as visitors will be more apt to stay on your site and read the articles that Google recommends.

Foster Web Marketing is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by implementing cutting-edge technology and techniques as soon as they turn from an idea into reality. To learn how to have this special code embedded into your own mobile site, or for any other questions or requests, contact our attorney marketing experts today toll-free at 888-886-0939, email us, live chat with us, or fill out our online form and we will get a plan into action immediately. 

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