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What does “digital transformation” mean?

The term “digital transformation” refers to integrating technology into all business areas. Technological advancements—such as artificial intelligence, automation, CRMs, and cloud-based systems—have reshaped the legal industry. 

Adopting these technologies improves efficiency and reduces costs, so you can set up a law firm that works for you instead of the other way around.  

How can my law firm stay relevant? 

Embrace innovative tools

First and foremost, don't fight change; embrace it. Many lawyers were initially hesitant to adopt legal technology. They had systems and were skeptical about jumping on the digital bandwagon. 

Recently, it has become the industry standard to use CRMs, automation, and social media as part of the day-to-day operations of a law firm.

If you've struggled to embrace change because you were unsure where to start, investing in the right software is an excellent first step. There are plenty of tools available to support lawyers in growing their firms. 

What's most important is to find the right ones that will help you achieve the goals you have in mind for your practice.

Make a great first impression

Your website and social media are the first way visitors can tell who you are and what you can do for them. Making a great first impression is essential to converting website traffic to clients. 

Throughout this article, we will dive into tools and strategies to assist you in making an outstanding first impression online.

Be active on social media

Social media is great for networking and marketing. It allows lawyers to connect with other professionals, build relationships, and gain referrals. 

It's also a free marketing tool. By consistently posting valuable content, you'll be at the forefront of your followers’ minds if they need a lawyer.

For example, Money Lawyer Erika on TikTok has gained 9 million followers by sharing legal tips. You don't need to go viral for social media to make an impact. It's all about building connections and trust with your audience, regardless of size.

Respond quickly 

Response time matters because it indicates a firm’s ability to handle client inquiries and concerns. A quick reply builds confidence because it shows the law firm is attentive.

If you don’t respond in 24 hours, you’ve failed to meet the needs of 87% of people. Showing up online gets leads in the door. But if your response time lags, the conversion rate plummets. Don’t waste your resources; put systems in place to improve responsiveness. 

Intaker’s chat sends an automated follow-up message once a lead fills out their information. During the lead-nurturing phase, messaging sequences can be used to automate the follow-up process. 

Lastly, you can create an arsenal of text templates for any commonly asked questions to save your team time when responding to clients and leads.

What are the best first steps to modernize my law firm?

The first step is to audit the current state of your law firm. Look at the technology, processes, and workflows currently being used and identify areas for improvement. Next, develop a plan with specific goals. Invest in tools and services to meet these objectives, and measure the effectiveness of the efforts over time.

Redesigning your law firm’s website

Websites should be well organized, SEO optimized, and provide a clear call to action. While it’s possible to design a website on your own, in most cases, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Learning open-source programs, such as Squarespace or WordPress, takes a lot of time. 

By outsourcing your website to professionals, the process will be more efficient. Foster Web Marketing has been providing web design services for over 20 years. With a track record of excellence, Foster Web is a beacon of help and knowledge for lawyers looking to update their online presence. 

A modern website improves credibility. Like how lawyers traditionally wear suits and ties to show off their professionalism, an optimized website does the same in the digital world. 

A website is not simply a one-and-done project. It takes ongoing efforts to keep a site up to date and ranking in Google. Foster Web Marketing provides ongoing support. If you need maintenance down the line, we know they are always there to help.

Fine tuning your marketing efforts

Legal marketing serves two purposes: attracting new business and building relationships with existing clients to gain word-of-mouth referrals.

Foster Web Marketing offers every marketing service your law firm might need, including SEO, PPC, social media, video production, content writing, books, email, and newsletters. Book a consultation with the Foster Web Marketing team to build a custom strategy for your law firm.

Adopting DSS Software (Dynamic Self-Syndication)

DSS is powerful, all-in-one marketing software that combines all essential marketing tools in one location. DSS includes the following:

  • Content management system

Build high-impact landing pages in minutes. Landing pages target a singular goal, which improves conversion rates.

  • Client relationship management

CRM tools help businesses manage and improve client interactions. They allow users to import, tag, and manage their lists. They are also valuable for creating newsletter campaigns and offering reporting features.

  • Lead management

Lead management tools help lawyers analyze, organize, and nurture incoming leads. When you get a contact from your website, you’ll instantly receive a notification with tracking details.  

  • Reputation management

Reputation management is vital because it helps lawyers protect and improve their image. Get feedback from clients and request reviews with the click of a button.

  • Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is the process of improving the performance of your website. Add offers, contact forms, or other elements to your site to encourage website visitors to take specific actions.

  • Analytics 

Analytics tracking lets you see how each page on your website performs, including traffic, page views, time on site, bounce rate, and more.

  • Local SEO 

Optimizing local SEO allows your website to rank higher for local searches. Any errors in your firm's listings can negatively impact your rankings on Google. You can fix and update your listing information, sync your profiles, and manage your online presence all in one place.

  • Responsive design

Every part of your website will look as impressive on mobile view as on desktop with DSS responsive design. 

  • Social media syndication

Share all your content directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This feature saves you time and makes cross-promoting your content accessible.

  • Coaching and support

When you work with Foster Web Marketing, you get your mentor to train you in every aspect of the DSS software.

Adopting a website chat

Last, you'll want to adopt a chat to assist your firm during the intake process. Intaker allows you to make an unforgettable first impression. It is the number-one chat on the market for the legal industry. 

It is proven to convert more leads to clients than any alternatives. It automatically syncs with your CRM and, if you're a Foster Web Marketing client, your DSS account. Any new lead that comes through Intaker gets instantly added to your leads list. 

Tying it all together

The digital transformation is making life easier for lawyers and clients. By leveraging technology to your advantage, you'll save time and have more resources available to focus on growth. 

Intaker is a legal tech company that helps lawyers grow their firms. With Intaker's AI-powered chat, lawyers can showcase their personalities and create an instant connection with future clients. The chatbot is one of many tools Intaker offers to help accelerate law firm growth. Book a call today if you're interested in learning more.

When taking your law firm to the next level, Foster Web and Intaker can make all the difference in achieving those goals.

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