Attorney Branding & Online Marketing: Choosing Your Lawyer Website Colors

As an attorney, you know that first impressions matter – even if that isn’t always fair. One of the very first chances you get to make an impression on a potential client is how your attorney website looks. Is it uncluttered and easy to read? Is it pleasing to the eye? 

When you meet with Foster’s web design team, one of the aspects of your website we will discuss is the color scheme: do you already have certain colors in your letterhead or logo? Do you have colors for your website in mind? Do you like the colors on your old website? 

Here are some issues to consider before choosing a color scheme for your website: 

  • Think about color connotations. Red is a strong, bright color, but do you know that it reminds many injury victims of blood and violence? Brown is a subtle and earthy color, but do you know that many people associate it with dirt and waste? Colors are meaningful and evoke emotion. Think about which emotions you want your readers to have and which colors are associated with those emotions. 
  • Pick no more than three different shades. One of the most common mistakes we see with website design is over design. Attorneys get enthusiastic and make their pages way too busy, overwhelming, and hard to navigate. If you are picking more than three colors for your website, you may be sacrificing clarity and simplicity. 
  • Understand that colors look different on different computers. Another huge mistake amateur web designers make is thinking that their website looks exactly the same no matter what computer you are on or what browser you are using. This simply isn’t the case. Colors that look bright gold on your page may look like – gasp! – urine on someone else’s computer. Before choosing colors, learn about “web safe” colors! 
  • Keep your target audience in mind. Always remember that your attorney website isn’t about you, it’s about your clients. Don’t pick your favorite color for your website or just go with something that appeals to you generally. Put yourself in your web visitors’ shoes. What colors calm you? What colors do you associate with knowledge and trust? 

The easiest way to avoid common mistakes involving law website color schemes is to work with an experienced web design team when creating your web page. At Foster Web Marketing, we specialize in creating websites for attorneys. Call us today at 888-886-0939 to get started. 

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