At FWM we are constantly looking for ways to help others. This is not only good for the charities our team supports; it’s an excellent way to build our brand. This April we extended our efforts beyond our local community and jumped on board with a national safety campaign that spoke to us: National Distracted Driving Month. And we suggest that you do the same.

Choosing a national campaign that you are passionate about can help effect change in your city and your nation, and it can garner attention not only for your cause but also for your business. In this article, I’m going to outline exactly why you should get on board with a national campaign, what campaign to support, who can benefit from your efforts, and how to get the ball rolling.


National campaigns are important for a number of reasons:

  • They show potential customers that you are concerned about their health and safety.
  • They can connect you with people on a personal level, which is crucial for client engagement.
  • They provide you with the opportunity to bring positive attention to your business.
  • They can have a positive impact on your community and nation.
  • They can get you noticed by the media.
  • People like to see that the person behind a business—especially a law firm—is human, not just a businessman whose only concern is the firm’s bottom line.

For FWM, by providing personal, relatable information on distracted driving, we are making it clear that we care about more than our own financial goals as a company; that we are out to help the greater good. Which, as it so happens, helps build our brand and improves our image: a great bonus!


Businesses Giving BackWhen choosing a national campaign, I want you to pick the one that speaks to you. Because while finding a national issue that relates to one of your practice areas is great, what's most important is that you are passionate about the campaign.

If you have a family member with autism and want to get behind that campaign, do it! You don't have to dive into National Boat Safety Month just because you're a maritime attorney. Just like the content you write, if the subject bores you, it's going to bore others!


When choosing a campaign to back, be sure you consider who will be interested in the information you spread. Ideally, the people most interested in the cause will be your ideal clients, patients, or customers.

The best thing about national campaigns is that they become a national issue for a reason. These topics matter enough to garner national attention, so more than likely any campaign you get behind will speak to a segment of your audience. For example, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Chances are, as a podiatrist or attorney (or human being) you’ve been affected by breast cancer in some way. It’s all about knowing your audience and choosing a topic that you and your potential clients, patients, or customers care about.


We need to discuss how to use a national campaign to your advantage. Your first step should be to create fresh content. A blog post about your personal experience or feelings on the matter is an excellent start, as is an in-depth news article about how this is pertinent to your local community. For bonus points—and to prove to local media that you are able to speak in front of a camera—consider making a video that explains exactly why you are so passionate about the campaign. And it should go without saying, but be sure to spread the word on all of your social media accounts.

To tie all of your efforts together, link all content back to a practice area or a specially created landing page. This will not only make a positive impact on your community, but it will draw people back to your site!

In addition, consider using one of these innovative ideas. Our team came up with the following creative ways to bring attention to a national issue, and I bet one of them could work for you:

  • Initiate an online pledge drive through the National Safety Council. Promote this by sharing images of you and your staff signing the pledge.
  • Volunteer to speak at high schools, colleges, or any group interested in the cause. Another great speaking opportunity is the open comments section of a meeting of your local City Council or School Board. This will get you in front of the attendees and, as a bonus, everyone watching on cable access.
  • Create an online quiz—everyone loves quizzes—and promote it on your website and social media accounts.
  • Pass out silicon or slap bracelets at any events you attend. Also, consider offering them as a free offer on your website.
  • Traditional key chains or USB keys are another great way to spread your message and keep you top of mind.
  • If your cause is driving-related, create bumper stickers. This was very effective for our client, Hupy and Abraham.

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