Is Your Law Firm Active in Community & Charity Causes?

One of the ways you can differentiate yourself in your market and get out in front of your perfect client is to embrace community and charity events in your local market. Our most successful clients have made it a priority to give back to their communities in a way that both helps their fellow human beings and gives them exposure and recognition they wouldn’t otherwise get.

When you look for ways to give back, think about causes and charities that your perfect client would care about. This will ensure that you find causes that align with the focus of your businesses. If you are a personal injury lawyer, you can support organizations that work to reduce auto accidents like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, People Against Distracted Driving, local organizations that promote teen driver safety or similar community education or awareness efforts.  If you’re a plastic surgeon, you can support organizations that correct cleft palates for children without health insurance. Bankruptcy lawyers can support organizations that promote financial literacy. You get the idea.

You can donate money to charity and community causes, but you can also give your time and your staff’s time. Offer yourself as a speaker. Volunteer at events or host a charity function yourself. Create bumper stickers or ads that spread awareness. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you work with your marketing team to promote your efforts. Talk about what you’re doing on your website, and share your efforts on social media – with pictures. Make sure you include details of your outreach in your email newsletter and your print newsletter. Ask the organizations that you support to talk about your business and your support on their website and in their social media. Help each other out.

If you integrate relevant charity and community outreach and activism into the heart and soul of your business, you will not only attract more of your perfect clients – you will also show those around you how important it is to give back and help others. That’s a message we can all get behind. To learn more about how the team Foster Web Marketing gives back to our community, or for ideas on how you can get involved, contact us today.


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