Need Ideas for Your Attorney Mobile App? The Sky Is the Limit

If you have already created a mobile attorney website, you may be wondering how else you can take advantage of the huge numbers of Americans who are using their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices in favor of their laptops and desktops. One possible next step would be to tap into the world of mobile apps – cell phone applications that users download from the internet and use regularly. Recent studies show that the vast majority of smartphone users spend more time using apps than they do talking on the phone, texting, or surfing the internet – combined!

When it comes to developing an app for your legal office, the only limit is your own imagination. Be creative, and try to put yourself into your clients’ (and your potential clients’) shoes. What information, references, tools, and resources would they want to easily access from their phones? Here are six ideas to get you started:

  • Create a dictionary of common legal terms and definitions for certain practice areas (for example, a bankruptcy attorney could share common bankruptcy legal terms).
  • Create a legal news feed app – one that is either national or local (for example, an immigration attorney could share pertinent visa news).
  • Create a reference guide app that focuses on a legal topic that you specialize in (for example, a Seattle divorce lawyer could create a Washington-specific divorce guide for women).
  • Create a quick response guide app that users could download on to go in the event of an emergency legal issue (for example, a lawyer could create a “What to do after an accident” app for those who have just been involved in a car crash).
  • Create state-specific law overview apps so that users can quickly look up laws that are important to them (for example, a worker could look up workers’ comp laws, or a disabled person could look up basic Social Security laws).
  • Create an app that promotes safety and that is related to one of your areas of practice (for example, an app that shares swimming safety tips from a child accident attorney or an app that offers a boating safety checklist from a personal injury attorney).

Thinking of a great idea for an app can be challenging, but so can developing and launching your app. At Foster Web Marketing, we can help you through the process of creating your mobile legal app. To learn more about our mobile marketing services, call our team at 888-886-0939 today.

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